Everything you need to know about artificial grass maintenance

Everything you need to know about artificial grass maintenance

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The 3 most valuable tips for the maintenance of artificial grass!

The maintenance of artificial grass is essential to extend its life and always make it like new. A good artificial grass that is properly maintained will be attractive and natural for many years. Do you want to know how to do it? Keep reading!

3 tips for proper care of artificial grass

1. Periodic brushing, an essential action

If there is a maintenance tip for artificial grass that is important to follow in order to prolong its useful life and maintain its esthetics over time, this is the realization of periodic brushing.

Depending on the use of the grass, it must be done weekly or more frequently. In any case, do not let it lie down and compact. If you leave too much time between brushing and it gets this deformation, you will not be able to recover it. This would be a shame given the ease maintenance of the artificial grass.

Therefore, it is essential to take care to brush the lawn frequently. Always keep in mind the brushing direction when performing this task. In this way, you will be able to maintain the natural appearance of artificial grass and the attraction of your garden. Use a good garden rake and it will be a very simple task!

2. Before brushing, clean the grass

Cleaning is another basic maintenance task of artificial grass. Indeed, it is appropriate that you take care of it before brushing.

The first step is to remove all the elements of the lawn. Including dry leaves, pebbles, earth, plant remains and others. The use of a water pistol is a good idea because it facilitates the efficiency of work and helps to unpack the fibers that make up the product during brushing.

The best products for cleaning artificial turf are water and a neutral soap. For best results, you can add a small amount of fabric softener. That is, the fabric softener used for laundry.

This procedure is important for the maintenance of artificial grass. You will maintain its original color and appearance for many years. In addition, hygienically, it is especially important when children and pets live and play together in the garden.

Indeed, if the lawn is to be used usually by the pets, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the cleaning of its excrement. On the other hand, it is necessary to avoid their accumulation on the artificial grass, because they can deteriorate the good condition and cause the appearance of stains and permanent damage, in addition to being a source of bad smell.

3. Preventive measures for the good maintenance of artificial grass

In many cases, taking appropriate preventive measures is the most effective way to manage artificial grass maintenance and extend its life.

In this way, it is important, for example, to avoid throwing cigarette butts on the grass or to knock out embers from a barbecue near where it is installed. If they fall, remove them immediately. It is true that artificial grass is self-extinguishing, but leave hot embers or cigarette butts that are not properly extinguished can damage it.

It is also important for the maintenance of artificial grass to avoid leaving glass bottles on the lawn. This type of material, such as the presence of crystals, tiles or plastics in the neighboring area, can damage their fibers. This can occur when the sun's rays reflect these objects, so that the heat generated by them is concentrated in a specific point or area, raising the temperature above what is suitable for the artificial grass.

It's that simple! The implementation of these simple maintenance tips for artificial grass is essential to extend the life of the product. You can buy artificial grass at the best price per sq m on sumigran.es and take care of the periodic maintenance with simplicity. In this way, you will keep a natural and attractive appearance that you wish for your garden permanently.

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