In SUMIGRAN we have acquired facilities as we have grown. In the year 2000, the first of our facilities was purchased, which was followed by the acquisition of a second in 2007. In 2012 the construction of our main premises on land purchased in the year 2010 was completed

In the year 2017 in order to free up space in our main building we acquired one more building nearby

Thanks to the fact that we have four facilities at our disposal, we have excellent storage capacity. A figure for consideration is that for artificial grass alone we have space in our warehouses to permanently store 100,000m2
Main facilities

The building housing our main offices, is distributed over two floors and includes an area for the storage of 2m and 4m rolls and raw materials and an additional zone for the manufacture of mats

Officially inaugurated in November 2013, SUMIGRAN carried out the construction of the premises in 2012 on land acquired in 2010, all of this was paid for in full with our own funds on completion

The premises are located in the A3 industrial estate, which is the most modern and up-to-date in Arganda del Rey which has  garden areas and broad roads which allow for the access and transit of articulated vehicles

Warehouse 2

The industrial warehouse with offices which was built in 2006 and acquired in 2007, housed our main offices from 2008 until the opening of our new main facilities in 2013. It is currently used exclusively as a warehouse with racks for pallet-held merchandise and 4m rolls

Warehouse 3

The industrial warehouse with small offices acquired in the year 2000. This is where our journey began

At present it is used exclusively for the storage of 4m rolls

Warehouse 4

Care and handling of artificial grass


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