In memory of

In memory of

In May 2006 one of SUMIGRAN´s directors found two abandoned dogs in a ditch near the town of Carabaña in the province of Madrid. They were only puppies barely two months old and they were covered in fleas. Since then, due to the great responsibility involved in looking after any living creature, they became an integral part of our lives

It may seem strange to write about our dogs SUMI and GRAN, but we consider it absolutely necessary to do so, since they were part of this company for most of its existence.  We regret to add that the publication of this website coincides with the untimely death of GRAN – who was the sole survivor of the two, following the death of SUMI a few years ago

Anyone who has visited us will confirm that SUMI and GRAN were a part of this company. They were with us in the offices, greeted our visitors, and anyone who was lucky enough to have known them will easily understand the dedication of this section to them. In fact, their very names, SUMI and GRAN, already speak volumes about their connection to SUMIGRAN

GRAN was a noble, intelligent, obedient and affectionate animal like no other, and his death caused profound pain and suffering for all of us, so we feel the very least we could do is to dedicate this section to the special memory of our cherished two dogs

In 2003 the number of abandoned dogs was 9 times higher in Spain than in Holland. So, as Gandhi once stated, "a country or civilization can be judged by the way they treat their animals". We would like to highlight in this section our utmost disgust and incomprehension towards those people who are sadly capable of abandoning or mistreating an animal. We sincerely hope that one day all the cruelty to animals are now subjected to will end and become a thing of the past

Guys, you don´t realize how much we miss you !