Ours is a story of continuous progress. Since our foundation, we have improved annually on each previous year, both in regard to an increase in the numbers of people on our staff and in the expansion-improvement of our capacity and annual turnover

We have maintained a prudent and conservative investment strategy over the years. We have invested only when deemed feasible, always with the assurance of being able to meet any financial commitments we acquired, regardless of difficulties or however bad the economic conditions appeared to be

We have always had long term vision, striving towards results resulting from conscientious work, always steering clear of businesses that seek quick and easy profits or those based purely on speculation

SUMIGRAN, S.L. was founded in May 1999 by Victoria Granados and her two oldest sons. In 2004 her youngest son also joined the shareholders. The motivation for the founding of the company was not simply the initiative of the founders, but was a reaction to the disloyalty perpetrated by the former business partner of Victoria Granados, with whom she held equal shares in a now-defunct company. In the year 1999, Victoria Granados, concerned about a sudden decrease in sales, discovered that her partner had secretly founded a twin company, to which, for some months previously, the sales of material by the company of which both were equal partners were being diverted and billed. For this her partner had received the invaluable assistance of several members of her family who were also workers at the now-defunct company

On discovering this betrayal, Victoria’s sons felt obliged to temporarily leave their own jobs in order to help their mother. One of their first decisions was to create a new company, SUMIGRAN, S.L. which was initially devoted to the same activities as the now-defunct company ( the supply of hygiene products to companies and associations in the Madrid region and surrounding areas )

Main milestones​
After a difficult initial period, SUMIGRAN quite soon began to diversify its activities towards mats and carpeting and also to light paving, expanding all over Spain while maintaining its portfolio of clients in its original line of business

In 2003, SUMIGRAN realised the enormous potential of artificial grass and its application in gardening and consequently this was incorporated into its range of products, thus SUMIGRAN pioneered the marketing of artificial grass for this use in Spain. Since then, the application of artificial grass has expanded in gardening and landscaping and SUMIGRAN is currently a market leader in the sector with its own range of products which are exported to several countries

In 2010 the company began marketing aluminium matting of its own design and manufacture. At present, SUMIGRAN is the national leader in sales of this product, which it also exports to neighbouring countries

In 2014 we began marketing artificial grass in easily installed interlocking tiles with an elastic sub-base, a product developed and manufactured by SUMIGRAN

We are at present focusing on the development of new products and the enhancement of our internal processes. Meanwhile, our efforts are aimed at achieving constant growth and expansion, by means of which we are generating profits, which allow us to
  • undertake new investments
  • increase our means of production
  • improve our warehouse management
  • finance the development of new products
  • increase our social contributions
  • show more respect for the environment by gradually diminishing our paper consumption and reducing the exhaust emissions from our vehicles by replacing them with others that pollute less

SUMIGRAN currently exports to the following countries: France, Portugal, The United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Andorra, Morocco and Algeria

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