Artificial grass with corporate LOGOS

Artificial grass with corporate LOGOS


There is the possibility of ordering artificial grass with the reproduction of your logo or other design produced by SUMIGRAN. This product is an outdoor carpet made with very high strength polyamide 6.6 fibre, which makes it suitable for withstanding heavy footfall. Moreover, it is printed using the "Jet Print" system, which has an impressive palette of over 40 colours to choose from. It is manufactured in pieces with a maximum width of 2 metres and up to 4 metres in length
The designs that can be created are high resolution and the colours are resistant to UV rays
The backing is composed of non-slip nitrile rubber of very high strength and elasticity
Design, creativity and colour come together in a perfect outdoor installation

Its characteristics are shown below
Formats and dimensions
  • Manufactured en pieces
  • Widths: 50cm / 85cm / 115cm / 150cm / 200cm
  • Length: up to 4 meters
General technical characteristics
 Type of manufacturing system  Tufting
 Technical characteristics of the yarn  Curly monofilament, 6.6. polyamide, UV stabilised
 Respectful with the environment ( free of lead and cadmium )
 Technical characteristics of the backing  SBR rubber and latex
 Pile height  10mm ( +/- 5% )
 Total height  12mm ( +/- 5% )
 Pile weight  2500 gr /m2  ( +/- 10% )
 Total weight  3050 gr /m2  ( +/- 10% )
 Water permeability  60 litres / minute / m2
 Tolerance  Las medidas reales pueden variar hasta un 5% arriba/abajo respecto de las solicitadas
 Dimensional stability  < 0,40 %
 Installation  Floating, without infill

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