In SUMIGRAN, over the years, we have followed a prudent and conservative investment strategy. Investments have been made only when it has been possible and always with the full confidence that we would meet our financial commitments no matter how bad things were, or even if the economic climate was dismal
We have always taken the long-term perspective, results for us are achieved from conscientious work, and we have a mistrust of businesses that look for quick and easy profits, or those that are based entirely on speculation
In times of uncertainty, it is good to know who can be trusted. Our business focus has always meant that our suppliers, customers and employees are confident that we will fulfill our long-term commitments to them. This strategy, together with our ability to accumulate savings, has allowed us to consistently grow in financial strength, stability and firmness
We have traversed periods of radically differing economic conditions, from periods in which the economy grew rapidly to periods of economic recession and global crisis, yet every year we have improved on the results of the previous year
In the midst of an economic crisis, we built our most modern facility with our own capital. The disastrous economic conditions of the time in no way thwarted our investment plan
Currently, we are proud to have financial strength ratings among the highest of any company in any industry, and although we have easy access to external financing due to our extraordinary financial strength and ability to save, today SUMIGRAN has no contracted debt. We enjoy full financial independence and we self-finance
Nowadays, it is very important to work with solvent, stable suppliers, since they are the ones with which medium to long-term plans can be made. The strength and financial solidity that we enjoy are among our main values, and mean a guarantee for the future of our customers, suppliers and employees

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