4 reasons why you should install custom entrance mats in your office

4 reasons why you should install custom entrance mats in your office

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If you are planning to install customized entrance mats in your office and you still have doubts about what they can offer you, we will explain 4 basic reasons that will get you in the thick of things.

It must be taken into account that, depending on the type of surface, you can choose between several types of models, similar to choosing the type of artificial grass to decorate a garden. For example, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor entrance mat, whether there’s a matwell or not as well as other factors. But now we will discover how using a custom entrance mat can benefit you for your business.

1. They keep the space clean

This is the first reason that comes to everyone's mind because the vast majority have an entrance mat at home, but we must not forget that it doesn’t only help on rainy days.

It is obvious that in a company a customized entrance mat will help us on rainy days by removing water from shoes and preventing drops dripping from an umbrella, which, when we closed at the entrance of 'a building, drop more.

However, it won’t only be useful on rainy days. It will also keep dust and dirt off shoes, which will keep your floor cleaner for longer, thus reducing cleaning costs. In addition, small stones hooked to the sole of shoes will also remain in the personalized entrance mat. This will reduce degradation of your floor which leads to savings in maintenance costs and better conservation of a groomed premise appearance

2. They bring security

Although sometimes this is not taken into account, custom entrance mats for businesses can mean improved safety. How you ask?

On rainy days or when walking on a wet floor, they reduce the risk of slipping considerably. Sometimes moving from a dry surface to a wet one can easily make us slip and fall. By properly drying our shoes we avoid this risk.

Nobody would want a customer to have an accident of this type during their visit, just as we wouldn’t want this to happen to a worker. So it's a way to protect our staff as well as our potential visitors.

3. Customized entrance mat add value to design

Customized entrance mats for a company are one of the most important decorative elements. Along with the facade this is one is the first presentation cards of your company. That’s why neglected, customers may have a bad first impression of your business.

If we enter a place that either doesn’t have an entrance mat, or has one but in a deteriorated condition, we will almost immediately think that this person either does not care enough or doesn’t pay attention to details. Our business should be the opposite.

If you maintain a clean and well-designed space, it will help give a good image of your business when stepping through the door. This feeling is all the more reinforced with a customized entrance mat.

4. Promote your brand image

Usually a lot of thought is put into the image of a brand and it’s not something often pushed to the side. That's why creating a personalized entrance mat with a corporate logo is an important element to consider.

It will contribute to your brand image, the values ​​you want to convey, and give the impression of being a solid company, taking care of the small details.

In the end, this is what will get your potential customers. When they enter a clean, neat place and see good design and branding, they’ll know they’re in the right place.

Think these reasons are enough? We’ll give you one more! In our extensive catalog of custom entrance mats in sumigran.es, you’ll find the one that best suits your needs in terms of aesthetics, measurements and material. If your facilities are complex we can install it thanks to our specialists. And of course, if you have any questions, please contact us!

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