Entrevías pools install Sumigran Everest artificial grass

Entrevías pools install Sumigran Everest artificial grass

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At Sumigran, we are always pleased that the customer is counting on us for all types of installation. And in this case, the Madrid City Council called on us for the installation of our artificial grass Everest.

The project was developed no more and no less than in the municipal swimming pools of the Entrevías sports center. A project for which not only a superior aesthetic is necessary, but also that the artificial grass used is totally comfortable for the users of these facilities.

To reach these two objectives, we have agreed with the city council to choose the artificial grass Everest, one of the best on the market, do you want to discover it?

Sumigran Everest artificial Grass

What are you looking for when choosing a place in a pool? At first, we all want a flat floor so we can lie down quietly and sunbathe after a refreshing swim, do not we?

Frequently, because of the relief, the natural grass has irregularities that hinder us by making it uncomfortable once we lie down. Forget it with artificial grass!

Once we have chosen the place where we want to lie down, we like the grass to be smooth, so that the rest is total and we enjoy one hundred percent of our pool day.

In our installation process, we have prepared the entire space so that it is uniform and suitable for installing an artificial grass. In this way, you will be comfortable and the quality will be sustainable!

Sumigran's Everest Artificial Grass is characterized by being fluffy, soft and having an unmistakable image. Its density is very high, exceeding 25,000 stitches/m2, and if you add a high quality fiber with an oval section and a matte treatment, the Everest artificial grass becomes one of the most comfortable to use.

If you want to enjoy one of the most prestigious models and with the best reputation on the market, just spend a nice summer day at Entrevías or enjoy at home with artificial grass sumigran.es. You will return for sure!

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