How to make a football field out of artificial grass

How to make a football field out of artificial grass

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Do you like sports? Are you a curious person? If you are, surely at some point you’ve looked into how to make a football field with artificial grass. It’s normal that when you see one of these sports fields you may have had doubts in the grass was natural. Well when you choose suitable artificial grass and install it in a professional way, the results are spectacular.

Each time more and more spaces for the king’s sport vie for installation of this type of grass, whether it’s for the appearance, the savings or for the ease. Do you want to know how to make a football field out of artificial grass? Keep Reading!

Choose the best grass for the project at hand

The first thing we have to take into account is that not all grasses are equal, mostly because they don’t always serve the same purpose as others. From this angle, in order to make an artificial grass football field you have to choose a model that responds to important questions such as resistance.

In order to know which grass is adequate, FIFI gives out quality certificates: FIFIA Quality or FIFA Quality Pro, these are marked with seals distinguishing the quality of the material and with a FIFA PREFERRED PRODUCER guarantee. It’s something so exclusive that only 7 producers in the world hold the distinction. Can you guess one of them?

Indeed! At Sumigran we not only know how to make an artificial grass football field, but also have FIFA certificates that guarantee the quality of our products.

Conditioning the base

The key point in how to make an artificial grass football field is that the pitch should be perfectly compact, even, and definitely have sufficient drainage for the model of grass that you will install.

In this sense there are two ways to do the installation. The recommended is to install the grass over an asphalt base with drainage system. We will install gutters on the sides so that the drainage will be effective, of course with respect to the type of grass you’re going to install.

The second option for the installation, which is more traditional in its use and therefore more economical, is to prepare a base of compact and flattened aggregates. This way the surface will stay completely level and smooth. Finally, we can install a geotextile over the space we’ve just prepared.

Placing the rolls of grass

Almost finished! Now we can position the rolls of artificial grass. Mechanical means will help us because the rolls are quite large and heavy. It’s very important to take into account that the fibers have to fall in the same direction in all the sections so that we can achieve a natural look.

You almost completely know how to make an artificial grass football field! Now we have to stick the rolls of grass with bonding ties and the corresponding polyurethane adhesive so we’re not just simply superficially gluing.

Once the coils are glued, the next step is one of the lesser know ones in regards to making an artificial grass football field, but it’s one of the most interesting. We have to mark the lines that form and demarcate the playing field in order to, with the appropriate materials, cut the pieces of grass into the right sizes. And then, later insert the white grass. Did you know those weren’t painted lines?

Top dressing and grooming the surface

Now that the grass is marked out and placed, think we’re done? We’re still missing two very important details that we should always take into account. It’s the last secret on how to make an artificial grass football field, want to know what it is?

Now we have to start the process of ballasting and top dressing the artificial grass. The first thing we have to do is fill it with silicone pellets in the appropriate proportions and weight as recommended by the material’s instruction sheet. Each type of artificial grass requires different top dressings in order to meet the standards set out by FIFA once practices begin. Of course taking into account the installation is a product of FIFA’s quality seals; FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro, available at Sumigran.

When we’ve finished ballasting with the sand, now we can begin the second filling with rubber granules. Spread it over the field, again with consideration to the specifications of weight and proportions in the technical sheet. This material will cushion from hits, which will then lower the risk of injury to the players, and help the ball move in the most natural way.

Both top dressings are finished. We’ve finished the installation by grooming the entire surface in order to assure the correct infiltration of the fillers. Also, so that the fibers that make up the grass are completely lifted and uniform.

Now that we’ve reached the end, not only can the players enjoy their favorite sport on an extraordinary pitch, but you now know how to make a football field out of artificial grass! We’re great lovers of the sport, that’s why we always guarantee optimal results with all of our installations. If you always want your football field to shine brighter than the very own Wembley, count on the artificial grass of sumigram.es and bask in the results!

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