How to clean the artificial grass without damaging it: practical tips

How to clean the artificial grass without damaging it: practical tips

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Whether you are one of the many people who have seen decorate a garden with artificial grass is the best idea, or are still thinking about this option, you need to know how to clean artificial grass to prevent damage

By following some simple instructions the artificial grass will be just as it was the first day for a long time. You can enjoy and brag about a garden in its full splendor regardless of the time of year. Do you want to know them?

How to clean artificial grass: 4 useful ways

One of the many advantages of installing artificial grass is that its maintenance is very simple and economical. You can maintain it with what you have at home, you won’t need to spend a lot of money to keep it in perfect condition. Cleaning artificial grass may depend on the type of stain you wish to remove, but it is always good to have regular maintenance to keep it clean longer. Let’s discover how!

1. Brush it regularly

One of the first things to consider when you want to have artificial grass in perfect condition is to brush it frequently. This way the hairs won’t get permanently stuck in one direction, which would lead to more difficulty in straightening them out.

How to clean artificial grass without damaging it in this case? It would be advisable to use a soft plastic gardening brush similar to a gardener’s. A broom with hard plastic fibers can tear grass fibers and damage the lawn.

Another practical tip would be to use a leaf blower. It will allow you to blow the leaves at the corners of your terrace or garden and then collect them more easily.

It is recommended to brush your lawn at least once a week, although you can do it more often if you like. If you have garden furniture on the lawn, remove it without dragging it and try to move it regularly if you don’t want to the grass under to be permanently disformed.

2. Use water and neutral products

Removing leftover leaves and other items that may stay on the surface is a good thing, but how do you clean the artificial grass more thoroughly? Simply with water and neutral soap you will remove the dirt embedded in the fibers and your lawn will keep its color for years.

Cleaning the artificial grass in this way not only keeps it in its ideal state for longer, but removes dirt as well. After all, a lawn is like the floor of a house, we must take care of it.

3. Use a pressurized water gun

Do you want to know how to easily clean artificial grass? A high pressure water gun will help you not only to remove the leaves and dust, but also make sure the fibers are not compressed.

If you have a difficult stain to remove where something has spread on your lawn, this method can help you eliminate it. However, be careful and pay attention to the distance between the water gun and the grass, as this may damage the fibers of the grass.

If you do not have a high pressure water gun you can use a conventional garden hose, or even one with adjustable pressure present on some terraces. This will help you target the area with the hose as well as clean your lawn after a soap wash. A two-in-one solution!

4. Washing machine softener

We probably surprised you with the mention of fabric softener, but it's an excellent choice for grass and it's very simple! This element helps keep the grass in good condition. Just add a little bit to the mixture of water and neutral soap and it will be ready for use.

As you can see, this is another item you have at home that, in addition to helping you clean your home, helps you eliminate static electricity that can accumulate in the grass. This is common with artificial grass, but nothing dangerous. It may seem unpleasant but you can easily eliminate it.

How to clean the artificial grass: recommendations to keep it in good condition

You already know how to clean artificial grass without damaging it! By following these simple tips, it will remain just as it was on day one for years and years. However, you will also need to consider other factors.

If you have a barbecue in the garden, you must make sure that the artificial grass does not set on fire. If an ember falls, it will be irreparably damaged unless this piece of grass is removed to be replaced later. The same thing would happen if a cigarette butt fell on it, the bristles would melt and deform, thus permanently damaging it.

You must also take into account that if you have pets and they relieve themselves on the grass you should pick it up as soon as possible not only just to clean it, but to prevent stains as well. This should not be performed in this specific instance, because it should be done regularly so that bacteria does not accumulate.

Now that you know how to clean your artificial grass you may have noticed that in fact it's very simple and economical. You do not need specialty products or chemicals, such as detergents. The artificial grass of sumigran.es is durable, has a natural appearance and, as you can see, is easy to maintain. Opt for quality!

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