How to install carpet tiles: tips

How to install carpet tiles: tips

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The carpet tiles are an ideal solution for many spaces inside homes, offices and buildings, but also for hotels or for commercial purposes. This type of material offers not only aesthetic benefits, but it is also pleasant because it offers more comfort when you walk than other materials. Indeed, it is an excellent acoustic insulation and very safe.

Another advantage of installing this type of material is that it is not necessary to apply permanent adhesive. Therefore, in the event of damage, simply replace the damaged part and you will find your modular carpet like new. Do you want to know what you need to consider to install it?

Buying carpet tiles

One of the first questions to consider when installing carpet tiles is to choose the ones that really fit your personal preferences. For this, at Sumigran, we have a large number of manufacturers. In this way, we can offer quality materials in an infinite number of designs so that you can really choose the one that suits you best and meets your needs.

Once you have chosen your modular carpet design, you must take into account that it is very important to buy 10% more material depending on the square meters where you will install it. The reason is that we will have to cut the remains of the tiles that will be stuck to the walls of the room where you’ll install it. Therefore, it is very important to add this factor. Have you thought about that?

Surface preparation

One of the most important factors when laying carpet tiles is that the floor of the room where we want to put them has the necessary characteristics.

On the one hand, the floor must be completely uniform. If there is a hole or a bump, you must level it, so that the modular carpet is perfectly installed and avoid possible accidents, which could actually occur with or without carpet.

It is very important to move in properly paved spaces. If you need to repair the floor with putty or other material, it is essential to let it dry before laying your carpet on top.

Another important factor, once leveled, is that the floor must be dust-free or any other sticky or greasy substance. Once this is achieved, it is necessary to apply a primer to seal the porous surfaces and that, later, the carpet tiles adhere well.

One of the main surfaces in which carpet tiles are used is on a raised floor. Indeed, this type of floor makes it possible to remove the tiles and thus the installation of the carpet tiles facilitates its installation. You should simply replace the carpet tile where it has risen!

How to lay carpet tiles

The best way to begin installing carpet tiles is to lay the first tile from the door and then extend it to the rest of the room by distributing it correctly. For each tile, arrows indicate the direction of installation, in this way you must follow these instructions for any laying.

The main characteristic of carpet tiles is that they can be removed if necessary and then put back in place thanks to a non-slip adhesive. This product only secures the tile to the floor, but not permanently, creating a sticky layer that securely secures the modular carpet so that it does not move.

Do you want to take advantage of this type of installation? Find out the carpet-made models on sumigran.es and find the one that best suits your needs. In addition, if you do not to install by yourself, our full service will provide the best professionals for this type of project to enable you to take advantage of an exceptional result. We are waiting for you!


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