How to put an artificial grass on a natural ground in 8 steps

How to put an artificial grass on a natural ground in 8 steps

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Learn how to put artificial grass on natural terrain in just 8 easy steps!

You are wondering how to put artificial grass to create or improve your garden? This is a very simple procedure, but it is necessary to take into account some important points. This will ensure you a natural and lasting finish. In this article, we explain how to lay artificial grass step by step to get the result wanted. Do not miss any detail!

How to put an artificial grass on a natural ground step by step

1.- Clean the area

Before to know how to lay an artificial grass, it is important to clean the ground where it will be laid. Eliminate all natural elements to a depth of 5 cm, including stones and plant elements. In addition, you must apply a weed killer and judge whether it is necessary to create an edge around the perimeter of the ground to delimit it.

2.- Set up the ground

The second step is to cover the ground with a uniform layer of gravel. The 12-20 gauge is the most appropriate. Cover this layer with another layer of river sand that allows you to homogenize the height of the ground. Then smooth everything with a roller to compact it properly.

3.- Cover the ground

For this purpose, preferably use a 100% PP nonwoven geotextile fabric and fix it with nails. This is a necessary step to prevent the emergence of weeds.

4.- Remodel the area and place the artificial grass rollers on the ground

During this step, it is important to take into account several points to obtain a more natural end result. To do this, you only have to put all the pieces keeping the same direction of fall of the strip. Then, put the pieces so that the fall of the strip points to where they will usually be seen. For example, the exit of the house towards the garden or at the main access to it. As you prefer!

5.- Cut artificial grass strips

It has come time to cut all the pieces needed to cover the area of your choice. Do it by cleaning the edges where two pieces will be attached. To do this, with a cutter, cut 1 or 2 points just in the middle of the seam separation. By this way, you will get the same separation between the grass joints and, consequently, a more natural and esthetic result.

6.- Fix the pieces on the ground

Now, fold the grass strips at the junction areas by laying the strips on the shiny side down. Then mix the adhesive products and apply them to the seaming tape using a masonry spatula. Fix the base of the strips, first one of the two pieces to be joined, then the other adjacent piece along the entire length of the seaming tape.

If you think it is necessary, you can immobilize the joints with nails. A good idea is to put weight on the joints to get a better result. When you think about laying artificial grass, the main worry is usually that it looks natural. This will contribute to achieve an invisible join.

7.- Take care of the details

It's time to take care of the details: make cuts and adjustments to the artificial grass needed to adapt to the garden. Use nails to secure the edges and you will get a beautiful, flat lawn. You will love !

8.- Brush the garden

The last step is the brushing of the artificial grass. It is important that you perform the brushing against the fiber, as this will bring the fibers of the artificial grass upright and the desired natural effect. If possible, perform this task on a sunny day. The reason is that the fibers will expand and smooth, which will facilitate the process and give a better result.

You can repeat this brushing over time. In fact, it is interesting that you do it periodically to keep it in good shape and continue to look better over the years.

As you can see, it is easy to put artificial grass of sumigran.es on a natural ground. You just have to follow these eight steps. You will get an attractive and natural result that you wish for your garden!

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