Artificial grass in Valencia

Artificial grass in Valencia

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C/ Sierra de Algodonales, 5-7
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Madrid / Spain

Artificial grass in Valencia for unique spaces

Looking for artificial grass in Valencia for landscaping, parks or sports facilities? Discover the Sumigran catalog and choose the ideal one for you!
Artificial grass in Valencia
Would you like to install artificial grass at home? Do you know all the advantages that Sumigran products can offer you? You will see that when you see them you will not have any doubt: you will want to install our artificial grass in Valencia. After more than 20 years improving the quality of our grass, you can be sure that the result will be perfect. By using excellent materials and the most innovative techniques our grass has great durability. Its appearance is very similar to natural grass, with the added value that we have very competitive prices

Considering all these qualities it is not surprising that artificial grass is fashionable. It hardly needs any care and stays beautiful with minimal maintenance. Therefore, apart from its use in sports facilities, which began decades ago, it is having great success in the decoration of private gardens and terraces. And the artificial grass in Valencia turns any boring space cozy and full of life where you can enjoy your moments of relaxation and leisure. In addition, the installation is very simple. So now you can get to work to give new life to your home. You will love the results!
Great variety of artificial grass in Valencia
One of our essential premises is to offer our customers the widest variety of products. This way you can choose the one that best suits your tastes or needs. See our online store and you can read the characteristics of the different ranges: different types of filaments, variety in stitches, elasticity, softness, recovery capacity, different heights ... And if you have trouble deciding you can always count on the experience of our professionals, who will advise you with pleasure
Artificial grass for all types of spaces
At Sumigran we propose several ranges of products for different spaces, although you can adapt them according to your preferences. The models intended for gardening and landscaping are usually placed in outdoor spaces resulting in a very natural appearance. They are also ideal for patios and terraces. The sports range works perfectly on golf courses, football fields, padel courts... For playgrounds our colors range artificial grass is very fun. And the basic models are great for salons, exhibitions or restaurants

With Sumigran’s artificial grass in Valencia you will be able to turn a boring space into the ideal place you have always dreamed of. Try it out! You will see how much you like it

Why buy artificial grass Sumigran in Valencia

Personal attention

Our technicians solve any questions or doubts you have regarding what type of artificial grass you should install in your garden, advising you the most suitable model with the characteristics that you indicated to us. Likewise you will receive a totally uncompromising and personalized quote with the best value for money on the market

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Installation service

At SUMIGRAN we have the best specialists in artificial grass installations. From the first visit of our technician, to the assess of the installation space and advising the grass placement, down to the smallest detail before finalizing the installation so you can enjoy the perfect artificial grass

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Best market models

We are pioneers in Spain for the sale of artificial grass. Year after year at SUMIGRAN we seek to offer the latest artificial grass to our customers for gardens, swimming pools, patios, terraces, attics, etc ... Offering a unique product of great realism and soft tread and touch thanks to the advanced technology our models are made with

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Business strength

At SUMIGRAN we have followed a prudent and conservative investment strategy over the years. The strength and financial strength that we enjoy are some of our main values, and they mean a guarantee for the future

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Commitment to our customers

In times of uncertainty, it is good to know who you can trust. Our professionalism has given our clients the confidence that we fulfill our commitments. This has allowed us to position ourselves as the leading company in artificial grass

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International expansion

In addition to serving the entire national territory (including islands), SUMIGRAN exports its products to countries such as, France, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Andorra, Morocco and Algeria, and through our distributors we also export to the United States of America and Mexico thus achieving recognition of the quality of our products outside our borders

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