Advantages of installing artificial turf for civil works

Advantages of installing artificial turf for civil works

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Perhaps you have been struck by the increase in the use of artificial grass by individuals or in private spaces such as shop, hotel or restaurant terraces. But, have you noticed its rise in cities? The installation of artificial grass for civil works by municipalities is going through a considerable increase thanks to the great advantages it provides


Now that you know the use of artificial grass in public leisure areas, it is time for us to show you the civil works where it’s installed, ready to discover them?


Where artificial turf is installed for civil works


Our cities look increasingly green, and often, we do not realize that it is due to the installation of artificial grass, since this can be easily confused with natural grass. The next time you go out for a walk we encourage you to look for these areas in your city, we’ll tell you where you have to look!



Roundabouts are one of the main spaces where artificial grass is used for civil works. Despite being the key points for correct and smooth distribution of traffic, we all have been able to notice their importance as a decorative element


In most cases, the central part of the roundabout is presided over by a statue, fountain, or other decoration. As a norm, that decorative element is usually surrounded by artificial grass, because it is always green and requires less maintenance



The orography of cities means that in some areas slopes of the earth with varying degrees of incline are present, which in some cases can be seen neglected by the municipality. Weeds and bushes may emerge creating an aesthetic affect that is neither pleasant nor safe, due to the possible risk of fire


Artificial grass for civil works has been positioned as the best solution for these areas, because besides being decorative, it reduces the risk of fire by being a fire resistant material as well stopping the spread of fire. This way, in addition improving the neglected appearance of slopes, it provides a safety bonus


Medians strips

Medians strips are another key location for the use of artificial grass for public works. In many localities, they are trying to remove bushes between lanes because they hinder visibility and endanger pedestrians and drivers


The installation of grass in medians strips maintains the decorative aspect, and does not hinder the vision of drivers when reaching a crosswalk, which is undoubtedly the most important thing in this case



Sidewalks are also seeing increased use of artificial grass for civil works. For example, the ground at the base of trees that adorn our streets is frequently covered with artificial grass


In some places, there is expansion with one area left with tiles and another, which runs through the same space as trees, with grass. Of course, it is a unique and attractive image that changes the vision we all have of a city


Advantages of installing artificial grass for civil works


Now that you know where artificial grass for civil works is commonly found, and even some of its particular advantages, you have to know the common benefits that its use brings. They are the fundamental reasons why this type of installation is carried out


Saving resources

Undoubtedly, the economic savings provided by artificial grass is one of the main advantages of its installation. It is not just a monetary issue, but also of important resources like water, a very precious and even scarce commodity in some communities


Also, because it needs less maintenance, the hours saved in the care of artificial grass can be used for other purposes like caring for parks, gardens and other spaces in the city. In the end artificial grass causes the whole urban set be more looked after


Without works

In most cases to renovate a public road, a work that hinders the transit of pedestrians and cars is necessary, but this is not often the case with the installation of artificial grass for civil works


This way, the municipality saves itself high installation costs and the inconvenience that the citizens and local authorities feel from the possible closures of streets or paths


A unique cover letter

Tourism is one of the most important economic sources of cities, so having well cared for green spaces attracts the attention of visitors, who in turn spread positive messages about the town. The installation of artificial grass in public spaces gives a good appearance and, consequently, is good publicity for the city and its government


And not only that! The residents will also be delighted with the installation of artificial grass for civil works because they’ll be residing in a nice well cared for place that saves resources and taxes for much more important issues


The artificial grass of contributes all these advantages. Of course there are the economic advantages but on top of that it is durable, made of the best quality and with a surprisingly natural appearance. For this reason, municipalities like Madrid trust in us to carry out different installations. Do you want to enjoy the advantages of artificial grass in your own home? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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