Advantages of installing Sumigran’s Premium artificial grass

Advantages of installing Sumigran’s Premium artificial grass

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During our years of experience in the development of Sumigran’s artificial grass we have been evolving and creating better and better products. Our desire to give our models the highest possible quality and create different ranges for different needs, has led us to put Sumigran’s artificial grass at your disposal


Some of these models have become top sellers on the market and are highly sought after by individuals or organizations that have already experienced their advantages. Now it's your turn to get to know Sumigran's Premium range artificial grass, we're sure that when you discover it you'll want to have it too!


5 advantages of Sumigran’s Premium artificial grass


If you are thinking of installing artificial grass in your home, surely you are interested in knowing the benefits that Sumigran’s Premium artificial grass brings, are you ready?


1. Natural appearance

For aesthetic reasons when someone decides to install artificial grass they want it to be as close to natural as possible. Sumigran's Premium artificial grass achieves this, and not only when observed from a distance, but it’s also difficult to differentiate up close!


When you discover the existing Premium models, you will see that there are several lengths and different shades to choose from. So, you can choose the one you like the most aesthetically without having to forego a natural appearance. In addition, the feel presented by the different models of Premium grass resembles natural grass


2. Unsurpassed comfort

Our advances have also allowed us to develop extremely comfortable models for our range of Premium artificial grass at Sumigran. By combining important factors like softness, height and density we have created models that are extremely pleasant to the touch


This is not only relevant when walking on it, it is also important when lying down on it. This becomes more important if it is an area with a pool, a terrace where we want to sunbathe, or for example, if we have children who often play outdoors


3. Perfect for busy spaces

In addition to being extremely comfortable, Sumigran’s Premium artificial grass models are designed for busy spaces. From the moment you install it, you will not want to leave your garden!


As already mentioned, it is especially advisable to choose a model from the Premium range grass for spaces with a pool. An example being our Everest artificial grass, which has actually become a reference point in the market. Even the City of Madrid has requested its installation several times, as is the case of the installation of Everest artificial grass in the Elipa Sports Center, check out the result!


4. Diversity of ranges to choose

Everest is not the only model of Sumigran’s Premium artificial grass; we have many others of great quality, which have also been requested by both individuals and agencies. In this way, everyone can find the model that best suits their specific needs and tastes


Within each model you will find technical specifications that refer to factors such as height, density, the appropriate level of use it can support and smoothness. If you have questions about it, do not hesitate to contact us!


5. Unbeatable quality-price ratio

In case that the multitude of developed ranges of top quality artificial grass isn’t enough, we have adjusted the price. This way, you can get the best quality lawn for your garden at the best price guaranteed


Do you want to enjoy all these advantages? Discover the different models of Premium artificial grass at and take advantage of your garden one hundred percent

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