What is the best artificial grass for terraces?

What is the best artificial grass for terraces?

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We already knew about using artificial grass in gardens, but every day more individuals are inspired to install artificial grass in their balconies and attics because, in addition to being a very colorful decorative element, it allows you to take more advantage of available space. If you have a terrace and you want to get the most out of it, we will help you choose the best artificial grass for it


The best artificial grass for terraces: why it´s so well liked


It could be said that the rise of artificial grass in this type of space is due to two fundamental factors. On the one hand, it is much more aesthetically pleasing than any other material.  Attics or balconies usually have a tile floor that is not only very unpleasing to the eye, but also tends to form stains through the passage of time as well as forming hard to replace broken tiles


On the other hand, artificial grass ensures you have a comfortable space to enjoy at any time of the year, especially when the sun begins to come out. Imagine being able to go barefoot to your terrace, feel the softness of the grass and the pleasant rays of the sun, doesn’t it sound appealing?


The best artificial grass for terraces: how it should be


Once you decide to install artificial grass on your balcony you’ll want to fully recoup the investment so we will help you choose the best artificial grass for terraces. This way you can enjoy it for many years



If you have a terrace, no matter how small, surely you know you have a little treasure at home. Being able to enjoy the outdoors while at home is something that you should be taken advantage of, and choosing the best artificial grass for terraces will help you


In itself, the change from tile to artificial grass is already a big leap in terms of comfort, but you have to keep in mind that not all lawn models are the same. We recommend that you choose one with a natural texture, that provides comfort with each step and makes you feel as if you were walking on natural grass



Another of the qualities that the best artificial grass for terraces should have is that it should not look artificial, that is, it has to appear to be natural. With the amount of technological advances that exist today in the sector it’s possible to make artificial grass that does not differ from the natural kind. Simply through the naked eye or sometimes even through touch!


At Sumigran you can choose different models that are very difficult to differentiate from natural grass. They are available in various shades so you can even choose how green you want your terrace to be



The best artificial grass for terraces has to handle your pace of life. Before installing it you have to take into account the frequency of footfall that it will have, but also considering that when you install it you will want to spend much more time on your terrace!


If it is for mere decorative use on a small balcony that you almost don’t use but still want to be well decorated you won’t need a high-end model. If on the other hand you have a large terrace with garden furniture we recommend a superior range


At Sumigran you will be able to find four ranges of artificial grass for landscaping, all of them of great quality. Within each range, you have several models that present different qualities, factoring in things like  the frequency of treading, the height of the thread, the density of the fiber or the softness


In this way we know that we will be able to offer the best artificial grass for terraces, because thanks to our wide variety of artificial grass we can satisfy your needs within the budget you have allocated


Do you want to choose the best artificial grass for terraces? Just think about how much you are going to use it, how many meters you need and then have our advice and our best artificial grass at your disposal at sumigran.es. Our models are comfortable and natural, and we will find the one that best suits your budget and your needs. Enjoy an impressive terrace with Sumigran!

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