How to care for artificial grass?: Tips to keep in mind

How to care for artificial grass?: Tips to keep in mind

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If you plan to install artificial grass but you have no idea how artificial grass is cared for or how long it can take you, we are going to give you some tips and advice so that it stays as new for years. Do you think it’s complicated?


We have great news! When you balance the pros and cons between natural or artificial grass, the maintenance is one of those factors that decide in favor of artificial grass. Ready to discover the secrets of its care?


How artificial grass is cared for: simple, short and economic tasks


One of the most important things to take into account when knowing how artificial grass is cared for is that they are simple tasks that do not take much time and, moreover, are cheaper than those that natural grass may require. Only advantages!


Another fundamental issue is that the lawn has to be of good quality, like that of SUMIGRAN, because this way you can trust in its useable life. If you look after it well, it will always look like new. Ready to know how to care for artificial grass?


Regular cleaning

A regular cleaning is the basis of the maintenance of almost anything we buy and it would not be less so in this case. It is a very simple and economic process; you only need water and a neutral soap. In this way, in addition to eliminating possible spots, you also eliminate dust or pollen that may have been deposited on your artificial grass


One of the tricks on how to take care of artificial grass is to put some washing machine softener to the mixture of water and neutral soap when you clean, so you will be eliminating the static electricity that can accumulate on the surface, you will like the result!



You do not need to spend as much water as with natural grass, but it will be good to do so, especially in areas or times of high heat, you know why? With slight irrigation with a hose you make sure that the lawn does not overheat, which will prevent it from losing color over the years


In addition, in matters of comfort, you will get a much cooler environment to enjoy your garden; you will love spending time there!



One of the main factors in knowing how to care for artificial grass is brushing it. It must be done in the opposite direction to the direction of the fibers to "air them" so they can recover the appearance and original state


For the cleaning and brushing process a pressure washer can be a big help. With one single gesture do the two basic actions of lawn care (clean and decompressing). Initially we can apply the water with some type of neutral washing machine detergent or softener and then with power and adequate pressure in a “fan" motion we can make brush the fibers so that they rise and recover an even newer aspect than before



To know how to take care of artificial grass, in addition to knowing the data about its cleaning and maintenance, it is necessary that you be aware of other external factors, in this case, barbecues


Keep in mind that if a coal falls the grass will not burn, but it will suffer damage if it is not picked up quickly. We can apply this to tobacco butts as well; so protecting it from these elements is another way to take care of artificial grass



In the case that you have garden furniture on natural grass you will know that if you leave them constantly in the same point, the grass beneath dies. With artificial grass you save yourself from having to replant. However, it is still a good idea to move them so that you can brush the bristles that are underneath, so they will not remain molded in a fixed position by the weight


The artificial grass at SUMIGRAN has a great capacity for recovery, but you always have to keep in mind that if you leave a sofa on it for a long time at the end the fibers that support it may flatten


If you want to remove furniture, the ideal thing is to lift it between two people to not drag it, so you do not tear the grass. It’s the same, as you would do with parquet, so knowing how to care for artificial grass has a lot to do with how you act with things you already have



If you have animals it is possible that at some point they’ll do their needs on the artificial grass, so cleaning it immediately is necessary, and not just for clearing up the lawn, but also for hygiene’s sake


Do you already have an idea of how artificial grass is cared for? It is very simple and many of these things we already do in other spaces of our house, now we just have to add our terrace or garden cleaning routines. In this way, the installation will be like new for years, more if you choose artificial grass at sumigran.es. Choose the range that best suits your needs and enjoy a unique space, we’re waiting for you!

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