Keys in requesting the manufacture of roll-up metallic mats

Keys in requesting the manufacture of roll-up metallic mats

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If you know the advantages of aluminum mats, we are sure that you have already been thinking of getting one. Its main attractions are safety, functionality, aesthetics and savings, something that every company wants to enjoy. That's why today we are going to tell you the keys to requesting the manufacture of roll-up metallic doormats in order to start taking advantage of all their benefits


Transit direction


The first thing we have to take into account is the transit direction of the people who are going to pass over our roll-up metallic mat. As a general rule, the profiles have to be perpendicular to the direction that people walk when they enter and leave our building. For the manufacture of any rectangular doormat there are two alternatives, discover them!


Landscape orientation

In this case, the length of the longest side of the roll-up metallic mat coincides with the length of the profiles. That is, it is wider than it is long. Like positioning a sheet of paper horizontally or like the name suggests, with a landscape orientation



In this roll-up metallic doormat model, the length of the shorter side is the same as the length of the profiles. It is longer than it is wide. Following the same model as a sheet of paper, it has a portrait orientation


However, with this in mind, if your doormat is going to have equal length sides it is not necessary to specifically request a portrait orientation


Dilation tolerance


When roll-up metallic mats are exposed to the sun’s rays, their profiles can expand. If the exact size is requested, they can arch and cause the doormat to present an irregular shape within the frame, which can diminish its security


To make sure this doesn’t happen you have to make the mat slightly smaller so that, in case it dilates, it remains as safe as day one. This depends directly on the size of the roll-up aluminum doormat:

  • Profiles up to 5 meters in length: The distance from each of the 4 sides to the wall of the pit must be 2 mm
  • Profiles from 5 to 8 meters in length: In this case the distance from the profiles of the mat to the wall must be 3 mm
  • Profiles greater than 8 meters in length: For roll-up metallic mats of this size, leave 4 mm between the edge of each side of the mat and the edge of the pit

To clarify we can give an example. We have a horizontal mat measuring 9000 mm wide, which coincides with the length of the profiles, and with a length of 3000 mm. In this case, the length of the wide side has to be 8992 mm (being more than 8 meters) and the short side 2996 mm (being less than 5 meters)


How to indicate the measurements of rectangular roll-up metallic mats


There are two possibilities when requesting your doormat, that you order it with the perimeter frame or that you order only the doormat. In both cases there are some differences, let's get to know them!


Ordering your mat with the REXMAT matwell frame

When you ask us to provide you with a roll-up metallic mat with a REXMAT frame, you have to indicate the external measurements of the matwell frame and we will calculate the size of the mat by subtracting the thickness of the frame and the margin of tolerance in reference to the size of the frame


Ordering your roll-up metallic mat

In this case, there are two options when requesting roll-up metallic mats:

  • Measurements of the free space: you just have to indicate the measurements of the pit and we will calculate what size the doormat needs to be by subtracting the millimeters from the tolerance index.
  • Measurements of the doormat to be manufactured: in this case, you indicate the size of the doormat with the tolerance index already subtracted, so you are responsible for calculating the margin of tolerance that the mat needs to have

How to indicate sizes of irregular metallic roll-up mats


If you already have a drawing made through a software or CAD / CAM program, you can give it to us and we’ll handle it. The exact measurements actually must come from them anyway. In case you do not have one, you can always make a template of the pit by putting a material that can be cut and adjusted to those measures on the pit, such as carpet or PVC floor


In the case that the doormat has all right angles, two contiguous right angles, or that its angles have any other regular shape, the above will not be necessary


Divisions of a large roll-up metallic mat


When large roll-up metallic mats are requested, we must take into account that the product may be very heavy. In this case, it is necessary to divide it in several pieces to facilitate its handling and cleaning


The ideal in these cases is that the divisions are not visible and that they are not in the main transit areas. In most cases, you can establish a central area through which people pass and make two other sections, installing the joints in hidden places like behind columns or walls whenever possible


Now you know the secrets on how to place your order! If you want to use the best specialists, do not hesitate to request your custom-made mats at Check out our catalogs and discover them. What are you waiting for?

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