CORSICA promotional doormat

CORSICA promotional doormat

Specifications for searchings
Area of use: interior Placement: surface Thickness9 Customised Level of transit: low Degree of moisture absorption: low Degree of dirt retention: low Degree of durability: low Degree of easiness to clean: low
 shopping centres, hospitals, airports and stations, etc...
 medium-sized company, supermarkets, office buildings, headquarters of public offices, etc...
 small business, apartment buildings
 private dwelling, small business


It has been several years now since SUMIGRAN successfully became one of the few spanish companies that are experts in the production of doormats for use as an advertising element in advertising campaigns
The main feature of this doormat is that it is a completely unique product, as it is customized at a very reasonable price exactly to the design or logo provided by the customer. It has never been so easy and affordable for a company to have such a practical product to promote its brand

CORSICA is made of needle punch polypropylene fibre on a latex backing. Its corners are rounded, and it is only available in a 60x40 cm size

Its characteristics are shown below



Formats and dimensions

Technical characteristics

 Fibre composition  100% polypropylene
 Backing composition  latex
 Pile weight  900 grammes / m2
 Total weight  2110 grammes / m2
 Pile height  7 mm
 Total height  9 mm
 Background color  beige or coconut
 Printing system  flocking

Information for invitation to tender


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