O-ring entrance mat

O-ring entrance mat

Specifications for searchings
Area of use: interior and exterior Placement: matwell Thickness22 Level of transit: medium Degree of moisture absorption: low Degree of dirt retention: high Degree of durability: medium Degree of easiness to clean: medium
 shopping centres, hospitals, airports and stations, etc...
 medium-sized company, supermarkets, office buildings, headquarters of public offices, etc...
 small business, apartment buildings
 private dwelling, small business


The O-ring doormat is another industry classic. It is a 22mm thick doormat composed of very strong, highly elastic SBR rubber which forms  a lattice of O-rings. These perform a scraping action on the sole of the shoe which in turn allows all the unstuck dirt to pass through the doormat, without any need for it to be shaken.  Every so often it will suffice to simply remove the mat and dispose of the captured dirt accumulated in the matwell in which it is housed

It is valid for both indoor and outdoor use, and has been designed to be housed in a matwell ( embedded in the floor ). Furthermore, it does not require any type of installation or adjustment

Its characteristics are shown below





Formats and dimensions

Technical characteristics

 Composition  rubber
 Thickness  22mm
 Weight per piece  15 kgs
 Density  1,15 grammes / cm3
 Hardness  shore A60 ( +/- 5 )
 Abrasion  300mm3
 Elongation  250%
 Temperature  -25 ºC a 70 ºC
 Water resistance  2% max. absorption
 Cleaning  water

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