The ultimate goal of SUMIGRAN, as a socially responsible company, is the creation of sustainable, quality jobs with decent salaries – carried out by staff that reside near their workplace, who have the opportunity to balance their professional life with their families and leisure activities or personal hobbies

In the course of our activities, we strive always to respect the environment, working in harmony with it to achieve a better society and a better world

We have set out the following objectives in order to improve the means by which we can achieve this goal:
In the short and medium term

In the short and medium term, our goal is to achieve constant growth and expansion through which profits will be generated, enabling us to:
  • make new investments
  • enhance our means of production
  • improve our warehouse management
  • finance new product development
  • increase our social contributions
  • be more respectful with the environment by gradually reducing our consumption of paper, reducing the emissions of our vehicles by replacing them with others that pollute less
In the long term

Our long-term goal is mainly to create a business model based more and more on innovation and new technology, whilst focusing on intellectual rather than physical labour

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