Installation of artificial grass in Madrid: sports center pools of Moratalaz

Installation of artificial grass in Madrid: sports center pools of Moratalaz

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We’re very happy to tell you that Sumigran has been entrusted once again to complete a large artificial grass installation in Madrid. Through the success of the other installation in the Elipa sports center and the pools in Entrevías we are now present in all the sports center pools in Moratalaz


Once again, we’ve put in all our effort so that when you visit the installation you’ll enjoy maximum comfort and have and ideal visit. Each day we’re present in even more homes and public spaces. Do you want to know why?


Why trust in Sumigran for artificial grass installation in Madrid


It’s true that at Sumigran we don’t only install artificial grass in Madrid, but also we also have other types of services available that important organizations trust in. Which could be the case for podotactile pavement, but today we’re going to talk about the two main motives that make people trust in us, and our artificial grass. Let’s get started!



Our years of experience help us continue growing and offering the best. When we create an artificial grass, we develop and shape it through the years so that it grows with us. In this way, thanks to new technological advances and priming materials, we can always offer you, in Madrid, the highest quality in the market. We are constantly improving!


Also our technique to perform these facilities is carried out by experts, so that whoever hires us knows that we are ensuring not only a high quality product, but also a correct, lasting installation, just as you imagined it



Contrary to what a lot of people may think, artificial grass isn’t expensive in comparison to natural grass, and more ever the relation between quality and price of our products is exceptional. It’s just another reason why we are relied on for the artificial grass installation in Madrid


This supposes a saving for the city councils and public and private organizations alike, they will be able to do without the machinery and costs that are necessary for the maintenance of natural grass. Of course counting that it does not dry or suffer some illness and has to be reseeded


Particularities of the installation of artificial grass in the Moratalaz Swimming Pools


As they say, each work is a world, and in this case, there are also differences with those that we have already told you, for example, the type of artificial grass installed, so let’s get into more detail


Installation of artificial grass in Moratalaz

The sports center has different facilities in which to perform physical and sports activities, in this case, we have come back to install in an area where it is essential to enjoy grass and in addition to good quality swimming pools


The installation of artificial grass in Madrid, in this case in the pools of the neighborhood of Moratalaz, has been approximately 1.200 m2, in which the users are ensured maximum comfort when they lie on the lawn as well as maximum security


Alhambra artificial grass

The artificial turf chosen for this installation was Alhambra, one of our high-end turf creations. It is an ultra soft matte (to reduce unnatural reflections typical of other lawn that are seen by the market) artificial grass made of oval micromonofilament yarn, with a height of 40 mm and with an extraordinary density of 25.200 stitches/m2, which offers the product a very natural look and a very soft and comfortable feeling when you step or lie on it


It is one of the most recognized models in the market for its technical progress and its natural aspect, an example to follow that the City of Madrid makes available to citizens in their public facilities


Now you know that when you go to the pools in the Moratalaz sports center the comfort you feel after swimming and relaxing on the lawn will be optimal. And we’re not only there! As you know we are present with the artificial grass in Madrid of in many more places, we are waiting for you!

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