Installation of artificial grass on padel courts: the reasons for its success

Installation of artificial grass on padel courts: the reasons for its success

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Padel is a sport that in recent years has gained prominence thanks to its eye-catching gameplay and the benefits it brings to those who practice it. For these reasons it is increasingly common to find venues dedicated entirely to this sport. Even more striking is that artificial grass in padel courts is the material with the greatest presence


As you know, artificial grass is increasingly used in different sports, such as artificial turf football fields, but what makes the installation of artificial grass on padel courts so popular?


Artificial grass in padel courts: beneficial for the players


Practicing sports in a safe environment should be a priority, and artificial grass in padel courts perfectly fulfills this mission. This pavement cushions the tread, which means short and long-term benefits:

  • Short term: the player will feel comfortable throughout the match and reduce the risk of injury or damage to them-selves if they fall
  • In the long term: lower body joints suffer less impact with each step, which in the long run means a better state of the joints with a lower risk of deterioration, which can be common on other surfaces

Not only is sports safety for enjoyment, it must also be a priority. The artificial turf in padel is the only surface chosen to play matches that offers one hundred percent insurance


Artificial grass in padel courts ensures a good match


When playing in a safe area, players enjoy more, dare more and therefore the public has more fun watching! The installation of artificial turf ensures a good show, it’s not only for the comfort of the participants


One of the most important issues in ball sports is bounce on the surface on which it is played. The fact that the pavement cushions and bounces the ball correctly is a fundamental element. In addition to choosing the right grass and having it installed by professionals like Sumigran, there has to be a specific amount of sand so that the surface is uniform and suitable for the game


Another of the great advantages of the artificial turf padel courts is that if they are installed outdoors, on rainy days they will drain better and not form puddles. Therefore they can be enjoyed longer before a match than on any other surface


Sumigran artificial grass in padel courts


Now that you’ve seen that it increases the show aspect of the sport, reduces injuries and allows you to play even when its raining, all that’s left is choosing the best artificial grass for padel courts


You have a few important questions to take into account though, like knowing the frequency of matches that will be played in order to determine what level of performance and durability is needed. We present you with the best options in the market


Artificial grass MASTER of SUMIGRAN

This artificial turf for padel courts offers professional performance typical of high-level competitions. It is manufactured with monofilament threads of 150-180 microns, density higher than 55000 stitches per square meter, 12 millimeters of thread height and with a DTEX of 7000


With a guarantee of 7 years, this artificial grass with the appropriate amount of silica will give an exceptional performance. Which will allow you to boast about having a very high quality sports facility


ADVANTAGE artificial grass from SUMIGRAN

With this model we wanted to offer you the highest quality available in terms of artificial grass for padel courts. In this case, what makes the difference is the use of 88000 DTEX fibers, which gives the yarn more mass and makes it resistant to damage from intensive use


With its 40000 stitches per square meter, height of 12 millimeters and a fiber weight of 1100 grams per square meter it is the best quality grass on the market, providing unparalleled strength. For this reason it is also requested for tennis courts or indoor soccer courts among others


Do you want to enjoy the best artificial grass for padel courts? Enjoy a resistant material that provides security and favors a great match thanks to the artificial grass at Sumigran

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