Natural or artificial grass: which one to choose for my garden?

Natural or artificial grass: which one to choose for my garden?

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If you have a garden or plan to buy a house with one, you are probably thinking about which is better, natural or artificial grass. It is one of the most common doubts when it comes to modling yards and surely millions of questions are popping up in your head, don’t worry, we'll help you decide!


Regardless of the rest of the elements that you have installed or want to install, this comparison is valid for any type of decoration, or even if you plan to put natural grass or artificial grass in a garden with a pool


Natural or artificial grass: the comparison that will help you decide


In order to help you make a decision we are going to take into account the issues that you will have to factor in the most when deciding on natural or artificial grass, ready?



The economic outlay is one of the main concerns that we have when making decisions, and choosing between natural or artificial grass may be just as tricky but we’ll resolve the doubt!


Although it is true that the initial expense with artificial grass is somewhat higher, it will make up for itself in a very short time. You have to bear in mind that, although the seeds of natural grass can be cheaper when buying them, later you will have to water quite a bit, and pay and provide care that require higher economic costs


In summary, the first payment at the time of installing artificial grass is a bit higher, but you can forget about the expenses of water, fertilizers, herbicides or a lawnmower and its possible breakdowns. This is something that in the long run will cost your more money than installing artificial grass



Once we have a garden we want to make the most of it and make it as beautiful as possible to enjoy with family and friends. Thus, aesthetics is another very important factor to take into account when choosing between natural or artificial grass


While well-kept natural grass is undoubtedly beautiful, it requires a lot of care and an appropriate climate. If it is very cold or hot it can get damaged leading to a yellowish appearance or even die off in patches


On the contrary, artificial grass presents a green and healthy appearance throughout the whole year with minimal maintenance, and does not suffer through the changes of time so it will remain in green regardless of the season. It has greater resistance to temperature changes and it isn’t a headache to keep it green



Safety is another factor that should worry us all and is very important when deciding between natural or artificial grass. There are issues that even today many people do not know, but do not worry, we’ll tell you!


Something important to consider is if you or a member of the family is allergic. Natural grass can produce reactions that artificial turf won’t. Of course with the latter you will create a much more comfortable and safe environment for someone who suffers this type of ailment


In addition, the presence of insects is much lower when artificial grass is installed, so you avoid ants, or even parasites like the harmful ticks. You will gain in safety and tranquility, especially if you have small children


Another fundamental issue related to safety is that with natural grass you will have to use herbicides or insecticides that in addition to being harmful for the environment are also harmful for your health. Again if you have children this is a very important factor because they will spend a lot of time playing in the garden



Since you have a garden we are sure that you want to enjoy it to the maximum, so comfort is something that you should consider when choosing between natural or artificial grass. Here are two determining factors, get to know them!


On the one hand of comfort is the ability to both sit and lie down on the lawn. In this case both natural and artificial grass can be comfortable, but a quality artificial grass can make a noticeable difference in comfort. It are much softer than natural grass, more so if you are in a climate where it can dry easily. Therefore, the installation of artificial grass in Madrid with SUMIGRAN or in other cities with high temperatures in summer is the most recommended


The other side of comfort is maintenance. Artificial grass beats out natural grass in terms of being low maintenance. With artificial grass you just have to give a little water and brush it from time to time, while with natural you will have to use much more water in addition to using fertilizer, cutting it and removing weeds. Is natural or artificial grass more comfortable? Undoubtedly artificial, in terms of touch, comfort and the small amount of time that you have to devote to it



Another fundamental factor between natural or artificial grass is its durability. When you finally have the garden you want, you want it to last as long as possible. This is where the two grasses differ. Natural grass needs a lot of maintenance, so if you are not going to be able to dedicate the hours you need to it will dry up and then you will have to dedicate more effort in trying to recover or even replant it. While low maintenance artificial grass will stay green for many years. Isn’t that wonderful?


As you can see, before choosing between natural or artificial grass you have to take many factors into account, but clearly artificial grass brings many more advantages. If in addition to these, you want to enjoy a range of quality options at the best price, just look through the artificial grass at and get the perfect model for the garden of your dreams

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