Sumigran artificial grass at Elipa Sports Center

Sumigran artificial grass at Elipa Sports Center

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Thanks to our efforts to obtain excellent results, as it happened in the installation of Everest artificial grass in the Entrevías pools, the Madrid City Council has once again rely on us and with our Everest grass model for use in the Elipa Sports Center. You can spend a pleasant day!


In this case, it is a bigger job than Entrevías, which shows that the city council has trusted us for a much bigger challenge. The complex has about 3000 m2 and now is equipped with our Everest artificial grass


Once again, the density, comfort, softness, realism and unbeatable value for money make Everest the model chosen to ensure the comfort of all visitors to the Elipa Sports Center. We hope you come to enjoy the result!


Why does the Madrid City Council trust our artificial grass?


At Sumigran, we are always ready to improve, which drives us to seek solutions and evolve in everything we do. Everest, a premium grass with extraordinary value, emerges from our non-conformist spirit


It is ideal for gardens or pools, whether private or municipal, because of its high degree of resistance, as it is designed for very frequent and often stepped areas


The comfort, the durability, the aesthetics and the result obtained during the installation of Entrevías make the Madrid City Council once again rely on us, which makes us very proud of our work and our efforts. In turn, once you visit and enjoy the new facilities of the Elipa Sports Center, you will not want to visit another pool!


If you are planning to install artificial grass in your own home, nothing better than to have experts like those who are part of our team, if you want to find out before as it is the artificial grass of sumigran.es, we invite you to enjoy the Elipa sports center!

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