Why install artificial grass for swimming pools in your garden?: All the key reasons

Why install artificial grass for swimming pools in your garden?: All the key reasons

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Summer is approaching and we have to start planning the prepping of our gardens with swimming pools. If you already have it in your head that you want to have the perfect summer, we are sure that you are interested in discovering the advantages offered by artificial grass for swimming pools. They’re numerous and diverse


Being able to make the most of our pool not only deals with preparing it, whether that be cleaning it, painting it or assembling it for another year, it is also essential to enjoy one hundred percent and have a safe surrounding environment. For this reason, especially if you have children, we invite you to discover the keys that tip the balance in favor of artificial grass for swimming pools, let's do it!


5 reasons to install artificial grass for swimming pools


Some individuals and organizations already know these reasons, and because of that we have installed Sumigran artificial grass in the Entrevías pools and many other leisure and sport areas in Madrid. Now, you are only 5 reasons away from wanting to install it as well, you'll see!


1. Little maintenance

Having a garden with a pool is a reason to rejoice, not worry about it every day. Tasks such as mowing the lawn become tedious and we postpone them, perhaps because it is hot or maybe because visitors arrive. And, in the end you have to cut it in a hurry and without much motivation


With artificial grass for swimming pools you can forget this obligation, the maintenance of the models that we have at Sumigran is very light while still keeping them looking like new. Just brushing and cleaning it from time to time is enough to keep your lawn always ready to enjoy!


You will not need lawnmower, you can keep it comfortable at any time of the day with a hose and a brush, taking much less than if you had to cut it. In addition, you will save the money from a lawnmower and the possible repairs that you may have had to do


2. Fewer insects

This is a very important factor that isn’t often taken into account. With artificial grass for swimming pools the presence of insects is greatly reduced, something that is not only important for comfort, but for safety


The presence of ticks or other insects and parasites is higher in higher temperatures and it is not uncommon to see them in pools with natural grass. The bite of one of these animals can be extremely harmful to some people, especially children


To avoid, as far as possible, their presence, installing artificial grass for swimming pools is a great option, something that could be vitally important for children


3. You do not need chemical products

Another of the fundamental benefits of artificial grass for swimming pools is that you do not need herbicides, insecticides or fertilizers, a point that is also important because of safety issues. When these types of substances come into contact with the skin they can produce adverse reactions and, obviously, when we have a swimming pool we spend a lot of our time lying on the grass


With artificial grass for swimming pools you avoid having to use chemical products that can affect users, again of which the most vulnerable are children. In addition, avoiding their use you will be more respectful of the environment


4. More comfort

Now, when you lie down, you not only will enjoy nice, regular and soft ground, but also will enjoy the comfort of doing it without worrying about chemical elements. At Sumigran we have developed different models of artificial grass perfect for swimming pools. How did we get it?


We always try to create models of superior quality or to improve more those we already have. In this way, you will always be able to find a range that suits your needs. To do this, you have to pay attention to how much your pool will be used, and to the degree of smoothness, height, density of stitches per square meter and color you want in your lawn


When artificial grass for swimming pools is of quality, once we get up off of it, it will recover its shape. That is to say, the fibers under where we were lying down will rise up without problem. It will always be ready for you to enjoy!


5. Resists better

Contrary to what is commonly thought, artificial grass for swimming pools is actually more resistant than natural grass in every possible way. On the one hand, weather changes do not affect artificial grass while natural grass, in times of high heat or cold, is likely to suffer damage either by freezing or drying up


On the other hand, the presence of chlorine in pool water, which is then transferred to the lawn by us, can affect natural grass, while the artificial one will remain perfect


It is important to note that you must control the levels of chlorine, because an amount higher than the recommended is not only harmful to the maintenance of your lawn, but it can harm your health


Another point in favor of artificial grass for swimming pools is that it drains much better than natural grass, which can get soaked. This, in addition to not only harming natural grass, can make it dangerous because the ground becomes slippery


Do you want to take full advantage of artificial grass for swimming pools? Then trust in the best and enjoy a summer of luxury with the artificial grass of sumigran.es. Do you have doubts about which one to choose? Consult with us and we will recommend the one that best fits your needs, enjoy the summer like you deserve!

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