MASTER 15 artificial grass

MASTER 15 artificial grass


MASTER artificial grass has been certified by the ITF, which has given it a 2 rating ( games / medium-slow court ). It is the ITF seal-homologation model with the best price on the market

It is made with 7000 DTEX curled monofilament yarn, has a pile height of 15 mm and a density of more than 55,000 stitches / m2, which means a yarn weight of 1,358 gr / m2

It is a high performance model and highly resistant and is within the budget of all users.  The SUMIGRAN Advantage: artificial grass for tennis with the best value for money on the market

Its characteristics are shown below

Formats and dimensions

Technical characteristics of the yarn

 DTEX  7000
 Filament configuration  6 threads
 Structure  Monofilament
 Shape  Flat
 Thickness  150-180 µm
 Width  0,90-1,10 mm
 Composition  Polyethylene
 Colour shade  Green
 UV stabilised  Yes
 Respectful with the environment  Yes, free from lead and cadmium

Technical characteristics of the backing

 Primary support composition  Polipropileno tejido con velo de fibra acrílica
 Primary support layers  1
 Primary support weight  250 grammes / m2
 Support coating  Latex
 Support coating weight  900 grammes / m2

General technical characteristics

 Type of manufacturing system  Tufted cut pile
 Gauge  5/32” 
 Stitches per m2  55440 ( +/- 10% )
 Stitches rate per 10cm  26 ( +/- 1 )
 Pile height  15mm ( +/- 5% )
 Total height  17mm ( +/- 5% )
 Pile weight  1358 gr /m2  ( +/- 10% )
 Total weight  2508 gr /m2  ( +/- 10% )
 Fire resistance clasification  Efl
 Certificate and test  ITF
 Installation  Flotante. Relleno / lastrado de arena ( 15 kgs / m2 ) de sílice de cantos redondos clasificada y horneada
 Granulometría de 0,2-0,5 mm

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