Experts in artificial grass

Experts in artificial grass

Here at SUMIGRAN we are experts in artificial grass. In fact, artificial grass is our core business and passion. The reason we have been so successful and at the forefront of this industry for so long is that our new product development and innovation strategy is constantly improving and is really second to none. Furthermore, our application of innovative operating guidelines have made us clear leaders in this industry and we are the model that our competitors follow
So, what is artificial grass exactly ? Well, it is quite simply an outdoor carpet ( in actual fact, it is manufactured using exactly the same machinery used to make carpets ), and was specially designed to replace natural grass for a wide range of sports from football to hockey etc.  Being a company firmly positioned in the carpet industry, SUMIGRAN was very quick to spot the great new opportunities for the use of artificial grass in gardening and the endless possibilities it could offer our clients
In 2003, this enlightened idea led to us pioneering the development and sale of artificial grass for gardens in Spain and Portugal. After our initial success in our commitment to using it for landscape gardening, we have since extended the concept and application of artificial grass for gardening-landscaping worldwide
Did you know that in 2006, SUMIGRAN was pioneer in the introduction of artificial grass without the need for infill ? Well it is true and nowadays we can safely say that the lion's share of artificial grass for gardening sold across the world does not require infill or ballast, which is indeed a ground-breaking development
Our timeline looks like the following:
In 2008, SUMIGRAN launched the first "low cost" grass on the market, combining two different yarns and four colour shades
In 2011, SUMIGRAN developed the very latest-generation of soccer turf and indoor soccer models, without the need for infill or rubber ballasting - an impressive breakthrough indeed
In 2013 SUMIGRAN launched the first model consisting of three different yarns per stitch, onto the market. This gives lawns a really natural look thanks to the six impressive colour shades and two different types of resilience used
In 2016, SUMIGRAN went on to launch the first model with eight colour shades, consisting of four different yarns per stitch, thanks to its highly specialised manufacturing process. This is the model which is the most similar to natural grass that you will find anywhere in the world to date
SUMIGRAN was also a pioneer in sending free samples ( nowadays it is a common practice ), and in supplying artificial grass in four-meter wide rolls, when it had previously only been supplied in widths of two-meters
Due to the wide variety of models we have to suit all needs, we have developed a search engine for our new website through which the client can find the artificial grass model that best suits their needs / preferences - quickly and hassle-free. In a similar vein to our previous innovations, we are sure that all the websites in our sector will have a search engine just like ours in the very near future
Below is a detailed summary of our capabilities

Gardening-landscaping ranges

We have four ranges of artificial grass for landscaping-gardening ( NATURAL, PREMIUM, LUXURY and SUPERLUXURY ), and each of them is made up of multiple models, so that we can meet any budget or need effortlessly

Due to the wide variety of models that make up our landscaping-gardening ranges, we have developed a product search engine through which the user can easily and quickly find the grass model that best suits their specific needs and preferences, by simply filtering their search so that it only shows those models that meet the exact criteria the user had previously set
In the following section you will find a detailed explanation on how to use the search engine to find the exact model that best suits your specific needs and preferences quickly and efficiently

how to choose the most suitable artificial grass model

Sport ranges

We have a specific product range for each sport ( soccer, indoor soccer, paddle tennis, golf, rugby, hockey, tennis, and multisport ), and there are multiple models in each range


artificial grass for INDOOR FOOTBALL


GOLF range

RUGBY range

artificial grass for HOCKEY

TENNIS range

artificial grass for MULTISPORTS

Artificial grass for other applications

In addition to the ranges for garden and sports use, we also have basic artificial grass, ideal for summer terraces or temporary use in events-fairs. We have artificial grass in a wide range of special colours ( as well as the standard green, there is fuchsia, white, black, orange, etc... ), artificial grass specific for playgrounds, and even artificial grass with customised logos. We love to offer our clients the greatest choice possible in terms of range, quality, colour and price


BASIC artificial grass

artificial grass for CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUNDS

artificial grass with corporate LOGOS

Large permanent stock

Our capabilities are top-class. We own four major facilities, which enable us to have a permanent stock of no less than 100,000 square meters of artificial grass. And we have all the necessary material and human resources in place in order to properly maintain this sizeable stock, its daily flows, and its correct handling and storage
If you want to go on a virtual tour of any of our facilities and learn more about how we manage the product, as well as how we work as highly distinguished professionals, please check out the following section


our facilities

In-house installers

In addition to the supply of multiple models of artificial grass, we also have our own professional installers ( who are actually SUMIGRAN employees, unlike other companies in the sector, which provide this service through subcontractors or freelancers ) in order to provide a complete "turnkey" service
To learn more about our professional artificial grass installation services see the following section


artificial grass installation

DIY fitting accesories

We also have all the necessary accessories for the installation of artificial grass, for those users who choose to install it themselves

fitting accesories

Outlet of discontinued models

We regularly renew our range of products, and constantly incorporate newer, more advanced models. Consequently, we also have a big stock of older models that are no longer manufactured. Therefore, if you want to acquire artificial grass with a big discount compared to market price, see our section dedicated to the liquidation of discontinued models

outlet of discontinued models

Everything you ever wanted to know about artificial grass

In the next section we tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about artificial grass, while at the same time dismantling all the myths, falsehoods and urban legends

everything you ever wanted to know about artificial grass


Unfortunately, the artificial grass industry has deteriorated significantly due to unscrupulous operators, illegal competition and piracy that the industry has experienced in recent times. We feel it is highly advisable for buyers to inform themselves as much as possible about the legitimacy of certain websites before even considering placing an order
Unscrupulous operators are easily recognizable: the website owners do not have their own premises or means of production, they lack experience and size, and they have few if any employees and so on
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our company


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