TIREX carpet tile entrance mat

TIREX carpet tile entrance mat

Specifications for searchings
Area of use: interior Placement: matwell Thickness12 Fire resistance clasification Level of transit: very high Degree of moisture absorption: high Degree of dirt retention: medium Degree of durability: very high Degree of easiness to clean: low
 shopping centres, hospitals, airports and stations, etc...
 medium-sized company, supermarkets, office buildings, headquarters of public offices, etc...
 small business, apartment buildings
 private dwelling, small business


The TIREX mat is made of the rubber from the recycled tyres of trucks, buses and airplanes. The upper layer is covered with nylon fibre which is highly resistant to wear and tear and has a great moisture absorption capacity. This composition makes the product highly durable and it is non-biodegradable

It is sold in 305 x 305 mm tiles, which facilitates its handling and placement in a matwell. It must be installed using a polyurethane resin adhesive for optimum moisture resistance

This product is suitable for areas of very intense footfall and heavy transit ( people, trucks, cars, light vehicles, etc ), and is ideal for hotels, hospitals, airports, train stations, shopping centres, etc...

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Formats and dimensions

Technical characteristics

 Composition  100% rubber from the recycled tyres of trucks, buses and airplanes
 Thickness  12mm
 Weight  9880 grammes / m2
 Dimensions  305x305mm
 Packaging  25 tiles box ( 2,32 m2 / box )
 Color  grey-brown
 Slipperiness  dry > 1 / wet = 0,98 in accordance with ASTM F1677
 Fire resistance  M3 ( NFP 92-506 )

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