XL PRO artificial grass

XL PRO artificial grass


XL PRO artificial grass is a revolutionary new way of providing artificial grass for football
The new XL PRO model offers you the possibility of installing artificial grass for football without any need whatsoever for any sand or rubber infill
By avoiding ballasting with rubber it has enabled the creation of a brand-new type of surface:
  • NON-ABRASIVE: rubber granules from friction, wear and tear that normally remain on the surface of standard football pitches are very abrasive. With XL PRO, you avoid such problems
  • CLEAN: the socks and boots of football players and users of the football field do not get filled with rubber grains, which could then be dropped in the changing rooms and even the entire sports arena
  • FREE FROM THE SMELL OF RUBBER: the smell that rubber gives off at high temperatures is avoided
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: the fact that no partial fillings or new ballasting of aggregate or rubber are necessary during the useful life of the artificial grass mean that a substantial saving in  maintenance costs is made. This additional benefit means that the initial purchase cost of XL PRO artificial grass, albeit higher than a standard model, can be amortized much more quickly through significant savings on maintenance costs
XL PRO artificial grass is composed of two types of yarn; a yarn curled at the backing which provides stability to the product and absorbs the impact of footfall, and a straight flexible yarn that achieves optimal rolling of the ball
It is highly recommended to install XL PRO artificial grass on an elastic sub-backing, because that further improves shock absorption and protects players' joints
Once again, SUMIGRAN is at the cutting edge of the artificial grass market

Its characteristics are shown below

Formats and dimensions

  • Available in widths of: 200cm / 400cm
  • Roll length according to pitch dimensions

Technical characteristics of the yarn

 DTEX monofilament yarn  12000
 DTEX root yarn  6250
 Filament configuration  6 straight
 Structure  Monofilament yarn + root yarn
 Straight yarn shape  Midrib
 Straight yarn thickness  310 µm
 Root yarn thickness  115 µm
 Straight yarn width  1,50 mm
 Root yarn width  5,50 mm
 Composition  Polyethylene
 Colour shade  Two-tone green ( two colours )
 UV stabilised  Yes
 Respectful with the environment  Yes, free from lead and cadmium

Technical characteristics of the backing

 Primary support composition  Polipropileno + tela tejida + malla entrelazada
 Primary support layers  3
 Primary support weight  303 grammes / m2
 Support coating  Latex
 Support coating weight  1638 grammes / m2

General technical characteristics

 Type of manufacturing system  Tufted cut pile
 Gauge  5/16” 
 Stitches per m2  37800 ( +/- 10% )
 Stitches rate per 10cm  30 ( +/- 1 )
 Pile height  30mm ( +/- 5% )
 Total height  32mm ( +/- 5% )
 Pile weight  3260 gr /m2  ( +/- 10% )
 Total weight  4931 gr /m2  ( +/- 10% )
 Installation  Flotante, no requiere lastrado de ningún tipo

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