Aluminium doormats, functionality and aesthetics for your company

Aluminium doormats, functionality and aesthetics for your company

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They have become one of the elements that we are more accustomed to seeing when we walk on the street or when we enter different buildings, but do you really know how aluminium mats help?


If you have a company and have ever wondered how your business can benefit from a metallic doormat, pay attention, we are going to tell you some of their functionalities and how they can help you and your company


What are aluminium doormats?


As we all know, in general terms, a doormat is an accessory that is placed at the entrance of a house or a business in order to prevent dirt accumulated on shoes from entering inside


The aluminium mats have this same purpose, but they differ with the ones we have all in front of a house door in some factors. Technological advances and the desire of Sumigran to always offer you the best makes our metal roller door mats the most requested. Do you want to know them?


REXMAT aluminium doormats

Our roll-up metal mats are made up of aluminium profiles, which are inserted through mechanical means, into carpet or rubber, or even both. All the materials we use are of the highest quality, so the durability of the metal doormat is ensured


Because of its structure, particles of dust, small stones or moisture detach from footwear and fall into the pit where the aluminium doormat is housed, remaining there and preventing them from entering the room. To clean them out, all we have to do is simply roll up the mat and remove those particles from the pit


The aluminium profiles that make up the structure of the metal mat are separated from each other by a distance of 5.5 mm and joined at the base by high resistance PVC joints, which are perforated so that the dirt can pass through them and be stored in the pit


The REXMAT aluminium doormat is available in 4 possible heights. Depending on the intensity of traffic that the metallic doormat will support, it is advisable to use a certain profile thickness. Certainly a 22mm high aluminium mat has more dirt retention capacity between its profiles than a 10mm mat. Pure logic!


How can I install an aluminium doormat?


Aluminium mats are usually installed in small ditches, in such a way that the doormat is just at ground level, thus avoiding the risk of tripping. If you do not have a pit, do not worry because there are accessories for our metal mats that can also allow their placement


The installation of a REXMAT aluminium doormat is extremely simple, mainly because the product is delivered to the customer's specifications. The structure and unification system between profiles makes that the doormat is supplied already rolled and perfectly packed in such a way that the client, upon receiving it, only has to remove the seal and place it as if it were a customized carpet


What to take into account when choosing a mat?


There are two fundamental factors when choosing an aluminium doormat: whether it is for indoor or outdoor (because in the case of installing the doormat in an interior area we would have to use the carpet covering, and in case of placing it in an outdoor area the appropriate coating used would be fluted rubber) and the type of surface on which it is going to be installed (with or without a pit). However, there is a still a few more


So you can have the mat that best suits your needs, you need to think of, for example the number of people you estimate will walk over it. That is, the level of transit that the aluminium doormat will hold can be translated into the dirt retention capacity that the doormat that is going to be installed must have


It is also important to know that the larger the mat, the more dirt it will be able to collect. For aluminium doormats located in entrances, a visitor walking four steps on it is ideal because it would collect 80% of the dirt of the footwear. Isn’t this a curious fact?


Can I customize an aluminium doormat?


With REXMAT and Sumigran, yes. Within our wide range of metal doormats, where you will find many options in height and finishes, you can choose customized mats for your office. Something that will set you apart


You can choose a design, for example the name of your company or logo, and include it in the metallic doormat. Something that will strengthen your brand image


What savings can we get from an aluminium doormat?


An aluminium doormat saves our company many costs such as from cleaning services as well as cleaning products, since it will prevent dirt, mud and stones being spread throughout the building


Also, the floor will remain intact for much longer since all the possible chafing elements in the shoes that can damage it are trapped in the doormat right away


Another determining factor for the installation of an aluminium doormat is the fact that they prevent accidents. If it were not there the floor would accumulate moisture and could cause slips and falls that can be dangerous


Have you thought about everything a roll-up metal mat can provide? If you are thinking of putting one in, do not hesitate to choose from the mats of, you will find just the one you need, and, if you have any doubts contact us no obligation!

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