Installation of artificial grass in public areas: keys

Installation of artificial grass in public areas: keys

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Every day more municipalities rely on the installation of artificial grass in public spaces in an increasing number of areas in their cities. As you know, the City Council of Madrid has trusted us to enable these types of spaces with some of our lawn models, such as the Elipa Sports Center. But, have you asked yourself why it is being used more and more every day?


The installation of artificial turf in public leisure areas is booming! So, we are going to tell you in what spaces it is most often used and most importantly, what pushes different administrations to opt for this type of lawn over natural grass


Installation of artificial turf in public leisure areas


Today we are going to focus on public spaces that are intended for leisure activities, where artificial grass is usually installed



We can see the boom in the installation of artificial turf in public areas reflected in parks in our different cities. It is especially interesting because those who enjoy these types of facilities the most are children and artificial turf provides a lot of security against possible falls


Another interesting point to consider is that artificial turf significantly reduces the amount of insects so, for example, the presence of parasites such as ticks, that could bite the smallest family members, is very unlikely


Of course everyone’s safety is important (and provided for with an artificial lawn), but most important is the safety of children, who are more susceptible to insect bites. Without a doubt, a fundamental advantage of its installation!



Swimming pools are other spaces in public areas that have benefited from the installation of artificial turf. It offers many economic advantages, but it’s also for all those visitors who would like to enjoy a smooth and uniform lawn after a swim


For example, swimmers in the Entrevías Pools will now enjoy the installation made by Sumigran. The Everest artificial turf that we manufacture and install is very comfortable to the sight and touch, which is always a plus for any possible visitor. It draws attention for how natural it looks!



In some plazas, whether they are in a neighborhood or in the city center, the installation of artificial grass in public areas is usually carried out in order to increase its use. It is more and more common that different cultural and leisure activities are carried out in these types of spaces and having an artificial lawn installed is an element of comfort for the visitor


For example, when the weather is nice shows are held in the streets and artificial grass can let visitors relax and enjoy themselves. It is quite common in children’s shows, such as theater, magic or puppet shows


Sport Spaces

Of course, the installation of artificial turf in public areas for sport has gone through a more than drastic increase. Football, rugby, and golf courses and tennis or paddle courts are some examples of spaces that most use this type of grass


Contrary to what many people still think, artificial turf fields favor footfalls of athletes and therefore, reduce the risk of injury


Why the installation of artificial turf is requested in public areas


If every day more and more municipalities rely on the installation of artificial turf for public leisure areas it’s because they have seen all the advantages it entails, do you want to know them too?



Artificial turf is cheaper than many people think. Not just the product, but the installation itself is cheaper than you think. It saves a lot of money in the short as well as long term


Artificial turf needs less maintenance so you avoid heavy spending on water, fertilizers, herbicides and other chemicals that are harmful. In the same way, machinery like mowers will be unnecessary. In addition to your purchase, you will also avoid having to solve mechanical problems that may arise



The installation of artificial turf in public areas, especially with Sumigran, exponentially increases the quality of that space. When walking on this type of grass, each step is cushioned much more so it is quite pleasant


In the case of swimming pools, a soft-to-the-touch lawn should be chosen so that when the user lies down, they can completely enjoy the feeling. In the case of sports facilities or parks it is also necessary that the ground doesn’t cause cuts and chafing if someone falls, so it is important to contract professionals for this task



Before requesting an installation of grass for public spaces, we must take into account its predicted level of use. This way we will be able to take full advantage of the optimal life of the lawn. Among our models of artificial grass you can find several levels of use before treading so you will always find the one that best suits your needs


In addition, artificial turf is more resistant to temperatures below zero as well as very high temperatures. Unlike with natural grass you will avoid all the problems that weather can cause



When installing artificial grass in public areas, you not only gain in comfort but you’ll save many hours of work on it as well. Thus saving important resources like water and which can then be allocated to other, more important tasks


Town councils know first hand what artificial grass can do for their city, do you want to enjoy these advantages too? Then do not hesitate to check the artificial grass of sumigran.es and find the model that best suits your needs. Start saving with Sumigran!

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