GENESIS artificial grass

GENESIS artificial grass

Specifications for searchings

Level of use: intense, it is going to be stepped on continuously Degree of comfort: very high Level of resilience: medium Degree of real-life appearance: very high Degree of softness: high Pile height ( mm )60 Pile weight ( gr/m2 )2409 Density ( stitches/m2 )7560 Warranty period: 7 years
 Intense, it is going to be stepped on continuously  Gardens of apartment block communities, condominium communities, community pools, etc...
 High, it will be stepped on frequently  Private gardens, swimming pools or any other frequently walked-on area
 Medium, you will step on it just occasionally  Private gardens, terraces, penthouse apartments, swimming pools or other less frequented areas
 Low, merely decorative  Ornamental, decorative gardens, roundabouts, separators, shop windows, fairs, events, etc...

GENESIS: the origin

The beginning of a new concept in artificial grass. A new way of manufacturing synthetic grass that opens the door to HYPERREALISM. SUMIGRAN is once again the most avant-garde company when creating a new concept in artificial grass with the GENESIS model
This novelty is totally revolutionary. The production system has been completely changed, the manufacturing technique is very different compared to other models of artificial grass on the market, obtaining the most realistic product that has ever been manufactured
No one has ever before ventured to make a product of these characteristics and technical difficulty. Only SUMIGRAN could or would create this new model, which is a unique milestone in the history of the product
GENESIS artificial grass is not the model with the largest amount of fibre in its composition, nor the one that uses the most advanced yarn or has the most complex shape or even the highest density. What is most revolutionary and makes it unique, is the new production method that is used to manufacture it.
As a result of this novel manufacturing system ( which is much more complex and expensive compared to the classic linear and homogeneous tufting system ) we can make artificial grass with 4 different types of yarn per stitch, of 8 different colours, which gives it a degree of unprecedented realism
But in addition to these already surprising characteristics, what is truly revolutionary in GENESIS artificial grass is the manufacture of fibres in "bouquet" per stitch: for each stitch we use 32 filaments, which at their endings open like a broad bouquet, giving it a more realistic look similar to that of the growth of natural grass
The fibre has a Dtex of 24500, using an 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 configuration ( the straight monofilaments are formed by 8 matte micro concave yarns + 8 concave yarns of "C midrib" shape, and the crimped strands are composed of 16 filaments combining 4 different colour tones ). The difference in the types of yarns used makes them react differently after being stepped on, responding more naturally and obtaining a much more realistic multidirectional aspect with use. Both in the grass itself and its fibres, different textures and heights are created, which in turn generate tricks of light and shadows, which give the product a level of realism and naturalness that make it unique on the international market
GENESIS artificial grass is the dawning of a new level of quality and realism in the world of artificial grass. The birth of a new era

Formats and dimensions

Technical characteristics of the yarn

 DTEX  24500
 Filament configuration  8 straight ( yarn 1 ) + 8 straight ( yarn 2 ) + 8 curly ( yarn 3 ) + 8 curly ( yarn 4 )
 Straight yarn  
 Structure  Monofilament ( both yarns )
 Yarn 1 shape  Concave C-shape with midrib
 Yarn 2 shape  Concave D-shape
 Composition  Polyethylene ( both yarns )
 Yarn 1 colour shade  Two-tone green ( two colours )
 Yarn 2 colour shade  Two-tone green ( two colours )
 Matte treatment  Yes
 UV stabilised  Yes
 Respectful with the environment  Yes, lead and cadmium free
 Curly yarn  
 Structure  Textured
 Composition  Polypropylene
 Yarn 3 colour shade  Beige and green
 Yarn 4 colour shade  Beige and green

Technical characteristics of the backing

 Primary support composition  Polypropylene
 Primary support layers  2
 Reinforced with net  No
 Primary support weight  213 grammes / m2
 Support coating  Latex
 Support coating weight  912 grammes / m2

General technical characteristics

 Type of manufacturing system  Tufted cut pile + curly yarn
 Gauge  5/8” 
 Stitches per m2  7560 ( +/- 10% )
 Stitches rate per 10cm  12 ( +/- 1 )
 Pile height  60mm ( +/- 5% )
 Total height  63mm ( +/- 5% )
 Pile weight  2409 gr /m2  ( +/- 10% )
 Total weight  3534 gr /m2  ( +/- 10% )
 Dimensional stability  +/- 0,60 %
 Water permeability  50 litres /minute / m2
 Installation  Floating without silica sand infill ( optional )

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