EXCELLENCE artificial grass

EXCELLENCE artificial grass

Specifications for searchings
Level of use: intense, it is going to be stepped on continuously Degree of comfort: very high Level of resilience: very high Degree of real-life appearance: very high Degree of softness: very high Pile height ( mm )55 Pile weight ( gr/m2 )2750 Density ( stitches/m2 )12600 CE marking Micromonofilaments Warranty period: 7 years
 Intense, it is going to be stepped on continuously  Gardens of apartment block communities, condominium communities, community pools, etc...
 High, it will be stepped on frequently  Private gardens, swimming pools or any other frequently walked-on area
 Medium, you will step on it just occasionally  Private gardens, terraces, penthouse apartments, swimming pools or other less frequented areas
 Low, merely decorative  Ornamental, decorative gardens, roundabouts, separators, shop windows, fairs, events, etc...

EXCELENCIA: 20 years is not nothing
The best gardening and high decoration grass made in history

Little more can be said about such a statement

Based on one of the fundamental pillars in the work philosophy of SUMIGRAN, guided by the unique search for EXCELENCIA, and motivated by the celebration of the company’s twentieth anniversary, we have created an absolutely unique product

The new EXCELENCIA grass is the technical and quality zenith that can be achieved today with artificial grass

It is the most realistic lawn ever created to date. For this reason, it has been manufactured in 4 different thread heights, creating an absolutely natural look and feel

It consists of 4 filaments of the highest evolution and quality in the market

First, we use a double section MATTEX thread: one in a lobed shape in a triple “C” and a second wavy in “waves.” This guarantees the maximum tread recovery of those filaments

Second, we used a TENCATE thread in SEMI-TEXTURIZED micro-strips. This unique innovation makes these filaments curved and multidirectional, maximizing the realistic appearance of their fibers

In third and fourth place, we use two curled TENCATE fibers of different retraction indexes, which makes curly yarns higher and others more compressed at their bases, therefore increasing the fluffy, comfortable and natural feeling of the grass when we step or lay on it

The combination of the technical development and the use of the most notable and advanced raw material mean that we have undoubtedly developed the most exclusive lawn ever made

It is a product only attainable by SUMIGRAN and suitable to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company. It also comes with 20 years of dedication of offering the best of us to each client and project. 20 years looking for EXCELENCIA



Formats and dimensions

Technical characteristics of the yarn

 DTEX  20800
 Filament configuration  8 straight ( yarn 1 ) + 6 straight ( yarn 2 ) + 8 curly ( yarn 3 ) + 8 curly ( yarn 4 )
 Straight yarn  
 Structure  Monofilament ( first yarn ) micromonofilament ( second yarn )
 Yarn 1 shape  Lobed triple “C” + wavy in “waves”
 Yarn 2 shape  Semi-texturized micro-strips
 Composition  Polyethylene ( both yarns )
 Yarn 1 colour shade  Two-tone green ( two colours )
 Yarn 2 colour shade  Two-tone green ( two colours )
 Matte treatment  Yes
 UV stabilised  Yes
 Respectful with the environment  Yes, lead and cadmium free
 Curly yarn  
 Structure  Textured
 Composition  Polypropylene
 Yarn 3 colour shade  Beige and green
 Yarn 4 colour shade  Beige and green

Technical characteristics of the backing

 Primary support composition  Polypropylene
 Primary support layers  1
 Reinforced with net  Yes
 Primary support weight  155 grammes / m2
 Support coating  Latex
 Support coating weight  800 grammes / m2

General technical characteristics

Type of manufacturing system  Tufted cut pile + curly yarn
 Gauge  5/8” 
 Stitches per m2  8750( +/- 10% )
 Stitches rate per 10cm  14 ( +/- 1 )
 Pile height  65mm ( +/- 5% )
 Total height  67mm ( +/- 5% )
 Pile weight  2750 gr /m2  ( +/- 10% )
 Total weight  3705 gr /m2  ( +/- 10% )
 Dimensional stability  +/- 0,60 %
 Water permeability  60 litres /minute / m2
 Installation  Floating without silica sand infill ( optional )

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