colored 17mm coconut entrance mat

colored 17mm coconut entrance mat

Specifications for searchings
Area of use: interior Placement: matwell Thickness17 Fire resistance clasification Level of transit: medium Degree of moisture absorption: very high Degree of dirt retention: medium Degree of durability: medium Degree of easiness to clean: low
 shopping centres, hospitals, airports and stations, etc...
 medium-sized company, supermarkets, office buildings, headquarters of public offices, etc...
 small business, apartment buildings
 private dwelling, small business


In addition to the natural coconut coloured mat, SUMIGRAN also offers mass-dyed coconut mats in several colours. In this way, we open up a wide range of options to give our customers greater choice with this fine product and thus cover the needs of multiple decorative environments
The dyed product offers the same benefits as the naturally coloured mat. It is suitable for installation in indoor areas and its placement in a matwell is recommended

Its characteristics are shown below





Formats and dimensions

Technical characteristics

 Composition  100% coconut natural fibre
 Backing  Anti-slip high resistant PVC
 Color  Dyed
 Thickness  17mm
 Fibre weight  2650 grammes / m2
 Total weight  5650 grammes / m2
 Fire resistance  Efl in accordance with EN 13501
 Traffic / use  Class 31 in accordance with EN 1307
 Slipperiness  DS in accordance with EN 13893
 Absorption capacity  approx. 7,1 liters / m2

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