EXPERT 27mm carpet infills

EXPERT 27mm carpet infills

Specifications for searchings
Area of use: interior Placement: matwell Thickness27 Customised EC marking Fire resistance clasification Level of transit: very high Degree of moisture absorption: high Degree of dirt retention: very high Degree of durability: very high Degree of easiness to clean: very high

A doormat must retain as much dirt as possible from footwear, without becoming saturated in the short term with dust or moisture. The EXPERT roll-up entrance mat is the most efficient way of achieving this goal. The principle of action is as follows: dust particles, small stones, and moisture are detached from the footwear, and get deposited between the profiles of the doormat. In this way they are trapped, so that the next visitor will not drag them inside

Every so often it will suffice to simply roll up the mat and remove the captured dirt accumulated in the matwell in which it is housed

Its characteristics are shown below
EXPERT is higher

EXPERT is the result of all the experience and know-how we have gained over the years, and it stems from our desire to develop a product of the highest quality and performance. The main objective of our technicians has been to create a product that meets the most demanding needs and requirements. For this reason, in its development we have put quality above any other consideration, such as profitability
Connection system between profiles

  • The INNOVATIVE connection system between the profiles of EXPERT allows ALL THE DIRT gathered between the profiles to remain deposited on the bottom of the matwell every time the mat is rolled up to perform periodic removal of the dirt
  • The mechanical properties of the plastic from which the connection system’s plastic hinge is made allow EXPERT to be easily rolled up while at the same time remaining dimensionally stable. Thanks to this innovative connection system, the “accordion effect” of the basic model due to the gap between the join and the profile is eliminated. EXPERT remains dimensionally stable and it maintains its shape and dimensions while avoiding expansion or contraction
  • EXPERT rolls up better and in a more controlled way than any other model that may have a different connection system, such as steel cable, between profiles
  • Unlike the steel cable connection system, the separation zone between profiles is completely useful at gathering dirt
Acoustic insolation

  • Any product with characteristics similar to EXPERT has an acoustic insulation system between each profile and the bottom of the matwell in which it is housed. This prevents metallic noises that would occur each time the doormat is stepped on if there were no such system. But not all acoustic insulation systems are equally effective.
  • In the development of EXPERT special emphasis has been placed on sound insulation. In order to achieve total acoustic insulation, a 2,5 mm-thick piece of rubber is inserted by mechanical means into both ends of the bottom of each profile, this prevents any metallic noise from sounding
  • Acoustic insulation systems that use adhesive foam are less effective than the system used in EXPERT
  • In this way, EXPERT sets a new standard in relation to the acoustic insulation of any product of similar features
Description-information for invitation to tender

Highly durable  roll-up mat, total height is of 27 mm, composed of aluminium profiles with an upper insert of carpet, whose principle of action is as follows: dust particles, small stones, and moisture become detached from the footwear, they get deposited between the profiles of the doormat, and in this way they are trapped. Every so often it will suffice to simply roll up the mat and remove the captured dirt accumulated in the matwell in which it is housed. It can be manufactured to any size or shape specification. It is supplied completely finished, and does not require any type of installation or adjustment. It provides an exclusive look to building entrances

Connection system between profiles
Innovative plastic-hinge connection system between profiles. This allows the mat to be easily rolled up, in order to facilitate both its handling and the collection of the retained dirt which has built up in the matwell in which it is housed. In addition, it is perforated, to allow the evacuation of dust and moisture

Upper insert

Highly resistant carpet with great moisture absorption capacity. The colour is never affected by dirt. It is available both in standard and “heavy duty” versions. Possibility of reproducing corporate logos that reflect the identity of a brand or company

Acoustic isolation
Highly effective 2.5 mm-thick piece of rubber inserted by mechanical means into both ends of the bottom of each profile, this prevents metallic noises that would occur each time the doormat is stepped on if there were no such system
End sections

The edge of the mat is finished off with an aluminium end section which will be cut down as required, therefore any front to back size can be achieved. ( some sizes will be achieved without the need for these end sections )
Position of the model in the range

Optional customization

There is the possibility of reproducing corporate logos

Corporate logos or designs can also be reproduced on it. Process is as follows:
1. The material is die-cut using a high-tech cutting machine
2. All the loose pieces of the logo or design and the background piece are glued together
3. Carpet strips are inserted into each aluminum profile

For the manufacture of an entrance mat with logo
  • our technical department needs to examine the logo or design beforehand to see if it is possible to fully or partially reproduce it
  • due to the separation between profiles, it is not possible to reproduce very fine horizontal strokes, because they would hardly be distinguishable
  • The colours for both the logo and the background are the ones available in our carpet colour range. It is not possible to reproduce specific colours
  • manufacturing times are extended for the manufacture of mats without logo
Customization examples

Standard carpet
"Heavy duty" carpet
Formats and dimensions

We have all the necessary cutting machinery for the manufacture of doormats of any size and shape, however complex they may be

In this way, REXMAT entrance mat systems help to create a harmonious first impression at the entrance of a building, streamlining it with the general architectural concept. This enhances the overall impression thereby elevating it to a higher standard
Images of special shapes
Dividing a large doormat into several pieces
Technical data
Cleaning intervals should be established according to traffic. However, our general recommendations are:
  • Cleaning every three days: vacuum or sweep the surface of the rubber
  • Biweekly cleaning: roll up the carpet and collect the accumulated dirt in the matwell
  • Monthly cleaning: clean with pressurized water
Customers that trust REXMAT

Head office MOVISTAR ( Madrid )
Head office REPSOL ( Madrid )
Head office BANCO POPULAR ( Madrid )
Head office Financial centre BANCO SANTANDER ( Madrid )

Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris ( France )
Zaragoza Airport
Malaga Airport
Barcelona Cruise-ship Terminal
Algeciras Port Terminal

HUCA Hospital ( Oviedo )
Vigo Hospital
Cerdanya Hospital ( Lleida )
Segovia Hospital
Mar Menor Hospital ( Murcia )
Cazorla Hospital ( Jaen )

National Archaeological Museum ( Madrid )
Caixaforum Seville
Pontevedra Museum
Municipal library ( Madrid )

Badalona Basketball City Shopping Centre ( Barcelona )
Isla Azul Shopping Centre ( Madrid )
Tres Aguas Shopping Centre ( Madrid )
ABC Serrano Shopping Centre ( Madrid )
Carrefour ( Huelva )
Carrefour San Fernando de Henares ( Madrid )
Alcampo Colmenar Viejo ( Madrid )

SEAT dealership network
ABANCA office network
Thyssen Krupp airport Systems Walkways-fingers
Cardenal Marcelo Spinola Office complex ( Madrid )
EBROSA Building San Chinarro ( Madrid )
CIS Ibermutuamur ( Oviedo )


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