Artificial grass for HOCKEY

Artificial grass for HOCKEY


"Gold medal in Barcelona'92, silver in Moscow '80, Atlanta '96 and Beijing 2008 and bronze in the Rome Olympics of 1960"

Hockey is one of the sports that has been the most prominent in the Spanish sporting history of the Olympic Games, and some of our most talented athletes have obtained impressive results in the sport

In order to continue contributing to the development of the sport, to promote its popularization in sports education and to thus be able to continue getting great results, SUMIGRAN offers one of the best artificial grass options on the market at a very reasonable and affordable price

Water-based artificial grass, is manufactured in polyethylene curled monofilament of 8000 DTEX, with 71,400 stitches / m2 and a 13 mm pile height, giving it a yarn weight greater than 1,800 gr / m2

The product is certified by FIH ( FIH Global ) and is also a FIH PREFERRED SUPPLIER product

SUMIGRAN´s artificial grass for hockey undoubtedly offers the best value for money on the market. It is the best artificial grass for the best athletes

Its characteristics are shown below
Formats and dimensions
  • Available in widths of: 200cm / 375cm / 400cm
  • Roll length according to pitch dimensions
Technical characteristics of the yarn
 DTEX  8000
 Filament configuration  8 threads
 Structure  Monofilament
 Shape  Curly
 Thickness  120-180 µm
 Width  0,80-1,00 mm
 Composition  Polyethylene
 Colour shade  Green
 UV stabilised  Yes
 Respectful with the environment  Yes, free from lead and cadmium
Technical characteristics of the backing
 Primary support composition  Polipropileno tejido con velo de fibra acrílica
 Primary support layers  1
 Primary support weight  250 grammes / m2
 Support coating  Latex
 Support coating weight  800 grammes / m2
General technical characteristics
 Type of manufacturing system  Tufted cut pile
 Gauge  3/16” 
 Stitches per m2  71400 ( +/- 10% )
 Stitches rate per 10cm  34 ( +/- 1 )
 Pile height  13mm ( +/- 5% )
 Total height  15mm ( +/- 5% )
 Pile weight  1843 gr /m2  ( +/- 10% )
 Total weight  2893 gr /m2  ( +/- 10% )
 Fire resistance clasification  Efl
 Certificate and test  FIH Global
 Installation  Floating
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