REXMAT 22mm carpet infills

REXMAT 22mm carpet infills

Specifications for searchings
Area of use: interior Placement: matwell Thickness22 Customised EC marking Fire resistance clasification Level of transit: very high Degree of moisture absorption: high Degree of dirt retention: high Degree of durability: very high Degree of easiness to clean: very high
Optional customization

There is the possibility of reproducing corporate logos

Corporate logos or designs can also be reproduced on it. Process is as follows:
1. The material is die-cut using a high-tech cutting machine
2. All the loose pieces of the logo or design and the background piece are glued together
3. Carpet strips are inserted into each aluminum profile

For the manufacture of an entrance mat with logo
  • our technical department needs to examine the logo or design beforehand to see if it is possible to fully or partially reproduce it
  • due to the separation between profiles, it is not possible to reproduce very fine horizontal strokes, because they would hardly be distinguishable
  • The colours for both the logo and the background are the ones available in our carpet colour range. It is not possible to reproduce specific colours
  • manufacturing times are extended for the manufacture of mats without logo
Customization examples

Standard carpet

"Heavy duty" carpet
Profile for construction of built-in matwell frame
Technical data


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